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2015 RBS Six Nations Championship
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Cross-country skiing tours - Nordic ski trips
Posted image We had a good day in Oberammergau today. Three of us in the end... newchris, Sylvie, and me. We clocked 20.7 km from Oberammergau to Ettal to Graswang and back to Oberammergau. Snow was great in places. In others there were occasional bits of grass and stones poking through, but nothing too bad. Long lunch in Klosterbräurei…
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Friday beer garden
Friday Beer Garden We're at a different beer garden, beer cellar, or pub each Friday. See the list of past locations. Everyone is welcome to turn up. If you like beer and a good laugh, come along! You can invite anyone too. If you don't know anyone there, contact me to find out what or who to look out for.…
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Visiting Munich as a single woman - Any advice?
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Issues of living in Munich without rental contract
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English speakers in/around Erding
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SportScheck outlet sale - Ostbahnhof -shopping tip
Thought I'd pass on a shoppping tip to TTers ... I just noticed that the SportScheck Hotspot (Outlet store) in Ostbahnhof is having a further 50% reduction off the lowest marked price for ski clothing and winter footwear. I had a look inside and there is a lot of stock at the moment but obviously stock it will move…
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Bake This - Improv Theatre in English
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Hiking expedition to Manpupuner, Russia
The Manpupuner rock formations are a set of seven gigantic, abnormally shaped, stone pillars located in the Ural mountains of the Komi Republic in Russia. These monoliths are around 30 to 42 m high and have been named one of the Seven Wonders of Russia. Despite this accolade, however, they don't get many tourists.…
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Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)
Posted image Hello All, a couple of years ago we had a Sushi Night, then I moved away, then I came back and therefore will try my luck at organizing something again. The sushi night is always on the first Tuesday of the month. I'll post here with our choice of restaurant, you add your name to the list if you wish to join. Discussion…
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Munich Cricket Club - news updates
Posted image [size=3]munich cricket club training continues fridays...just turn up to 1700-1900ish and get involved.. ground directions or similar we have a full list of forthcoming friendlies/competitive matches JULY 4 FRIENDLY HOME PUNJAB CC 1230 start [/size][size=3]JULY 11 LEAGUE HOME TEGERNSEE 1230 start [/size][size=3]JULY…
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Where to hire midget and/or dwarf
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Meet up for indecisive 20-somethings
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Where to buy miso and tofu etc.
I went to the new Asian food store in Prinzregentenstraße, i-shop, this morning, looking specifically for tofu, rice in large quantities, and miso. The store is very light and bright, the items are easy to find, and nicely presented, and the staff most helpful. In fact, I got talking to the manager, Mr Pham, a lovely,…
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Where to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs
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Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
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TT Munich book reading and discussion club
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Where to buy Marmite in Munich
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Left private Kindergarten, demands fee
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Hired to be a Mystery Shopper in Germany
Here is a wee word of warning regarding cheque scams etc. Twice now, when I've had people buy my paintings and art, and I always insist on a bank transfer. What happens though is that they send a cheque directly to the bank by overnight courier so if the bank then simply processes it, it looks like the money was transferred…
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Munich babysitters wanted
If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months. If you are a babysitter…
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Life in Schwabing
I have lived there for years and never even noticed this at Hohenzollernplatz. True, there are some people who like to sit on the benches there, but I have never seen them cause any problems. Munich is incredibly safe. There is a primary school at the corner of Clemenstr and Hiltenspergerstr and children walk unaccompanied…
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Primary School/Grundschule - love your feedback
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Munich Moms-to-Be Meetup
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Regular Sunday Morning Squash Club
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Translators' meetup, monthly networking event
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Where and how to obtain a Meldebescheinigung
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Locksmiths for locked out of house emergencies
Locked myself out while taking stuff to the keller... this guy got me back in: Theodor Honold (089) 77 77 78 (160) 8456665 He was there within 30 min, charged me 70 EUR and a plus: he is an american living here for over 30 yrs, so perfect Enlgish! Really cool guy, even a member of the Locksmiths Assn. of America…
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Cycling vs. driving to work
Posted image Just found this, though I can't remember for the life of me how I got there: Aeolian Ride Inflatable bike suits. They're working on one that lights up. I can't find any info on the site about if they increase drag and whatnot, but for safety, I think that'd be great. No car could overlook you in one of these. Well…
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Pomeroy and Winterbottom - British shop
As far as I'm aware the only comments I've made about Pomeroy & Winterbottom were on Buying British snacks in Munich in April 2003. As such, they referred to the prices you charged nearly eight and a half years ago. If you're suggesting you lowered the prices a few years later then that's good to know,…
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Snowboarding/ski season 2014-2015
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Bavaria Filmstadt - A tour of the film studios
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New in Munich (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Munich, or live in Munich and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Do not, however, ask your newbie questions here about life in Munich. Nobody will answer them. If you have basic questions like How do I find an apartment to rent?…
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Dog groomers in and around Munich
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Pet sitter recommendations - Cat and dog sitting
Posted image Hi Folks- I am searching for a dog sitter for my two samoyeds in Bogenhausen when travelling for business. 1 week increments most likely. Occassional day time or overnight visits to house also needed. Normally I go to the hundepension in the summer and winter peak holiday breaks, but I would like a more local solution…
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Braukunst Live! 3 day Beer Festival 2015
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La Leche League Breastfeeding meetings in English
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Cross Country Skiing (Skating Style) for beginners
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Girls Crafting Club - At Munich
9 posts, 21.Feb.2015
Master Thesis compensation at Fraunhofer ESK
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Current mortgage loan rates in Munich
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Mr. Lodge security deposit deductions
@gina_blues. Hmmm, 2 posts and... Just what is your relationship to Mr. Lodge? I think we should be told. I think Mr Lodge works very professionally. As mentioned before, I think there is no point in blaming Mr Lodge for the deposit problem you have with the Landlord. Of course you can stay in a B&B…
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Public transport disruptions - post them here!
Posted image It's mentioned on CNN? Are you sure about that?? The words "German Strike" do indeed give results, as per your link, but I think you'll struggle to find any mention of anything other than Klose and IG Metall, let alone anything useful in the last three years..…
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Poker game in Munich - Fortnightly poker game
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English-speaking midwives (Hebamme)
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Moving to Tutzing - Advice, contacts
34 posts, 20.Feb.2015
Driving licence exchange in Munich
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Outdoors & Camping
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Free English Movie Test Screening
Posted image Invitation to Free English Movie Test Screening in Munich! (Native English-speakers Only) Synopsis: A psychological horror movie featuring the story of Laura, a college student addicted to social media, who picks the wrong person to “friend.” (The film is similar to The Ring…
8 posts, 18.Feb.2015
Photography Club Munich
Posted image I went there last week and yes it is T shirt weather in there. While i was there, there was a steady stream of people going through. There were 2 young german guys with tripods doing macro shots and they didnt seem to be bothered about blocking the walkway preventing others going past.…
136 posts, 17.Feb.2015
Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange
Posted image I moved recently and was fed up of buying those cardboard things from Obi etc. that tear into bits as soon as you look at them. So I decided to buy plastic 60l euroboxes for the move. Worked brilliantly. I've kept a load of them, but have ten which are now surplus to requirements.…
28 posts, 17.Feb.2015
Hauptbahnhof München - ongoing renovations
As reported last year, the underground passage above the U2 (EDIT- not including the one above the S-bahn lines) is getting a facelift costing 20 Million Euro. The project became urgent and necessary as the join between the S-Bahn passage and the U-Bahn passage is now faulty and is…
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Minimum consumption claimed by Munich restaurant
Yes. It's called Mindestverzehr or Mindestumsatz - http://de.wikipedia.org/... -- and is not unusual. See the thread referenced below for discussion. I've also changed your title because the restaurants aren't "pretending" to want the Mindestverzehr, it's…
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Dunkin' Donuts in Munich
when I was growing up, they actually made the donuts in the shops. My aunt would take us early on sunday mornings - around 5:30 or 6 - they would be frying and dusting and filling and selling - it was great, and the product was genuinely good. I don't know when they switched to…
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Divorce lawyers in Munich - recommendations
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Little India - Visited last week and this restaurant has slipped into the land of salt…
Aangan - Not impressed to be honest. They appear to have crammed even more tables…
Lisboa Bar - Went there before Christmas. I am Portuguese. Some starters were just as…
Kerala - I like this place and have always enjoyed the food and service. Most…
Paros 2 - Ha ha, I read the comments and can agree on one thing. The manager person…
El Perro e el Griego - Went there last night and thought the food was good but a little on the…
Takumi - Went here last night and it was excellent! Gyoza are amazing and also…
Namaste - Have not tried too many Indian restaurants in Munich. However, discovering…
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