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Skateboarding in Munich - Anybody skatin in Munich
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Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)
Posted image Hello All, a couple of years ago we had a Sushi Night, then I moved away, then I came back and therefore will try my luck at organizing something again. The sushi night is always on the first Tuesday of the month. I'll post here with our choice of restaurant, you add your name to the list if you wish to join. Discussion…
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Where to buy nice shoes for work
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Munich Curry Night
Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week. Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and…
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Poker game in Munich - Fortnightly poker game
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Free Test Film Screening (Native English-speakers)
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Girls Crafting Club - At Munich
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TT Munich book reading and discussion club
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Translators' meetup, monthly networking event
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English speakers in/around Erding
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Snowboarding/ski season 2014-2015
5 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Looking for snowboarding or ski buddy!
10 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Asian Hairdressers or Stylists in Munich
7 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Studying for 16 - 18 year olds
In Germany children usually start an apprenticeship (vocational training) or go to university after finishing school. You should look for an international school that offers either the IB programme or British A Levels. You might want to start your research by reading Best school for British kids. If your company is willing…
7 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Master Thesis compensation at Fraunhofer ESK
11 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Cross-country skiing tours - Nordic ski trips
Posted image We had a good day in Oberammergau today. Three of us in the end... newchris, Sylvie, and me. We clocked 20.7 km from Oberammergau to Ettal to Graswang and back to Oberammergau. Snow was great in places. In others there were occasional bits of grass and stones poking through, but nothing too bad. Long lunch in Klosterbräurei…
19 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Birds singing at night
Well that makes sense what someone told me about the city birds then. Said they mostly communicate via email and social networks while in the city and meet up at night in the outskirts of town to chat or have a quick brewsky in the evening. Oh and I guess they do their shopping in the city for apples too.…
25 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Vorladung in der Ermittlungssache - Legal letter
31 posts, 26.Jan.2015
Lesbian bars and clubs
51 posts, 26.Jan.2015
The current weather in Munich
7 posts, 26.Jan.2015
English Speaking Meetup - At Gast near Gasteig
10 posts, 26.Jan.2015
Markt für schöne Dinge (Handmade Market)
21 posts, 26.Jan.2015
Munich babysitters available
Are you available for work as a babysitter? If so, post your details and availability here. Your advert will be most effective if you include a short paragraph of text about you and what kind of work you are looking for. Remember to include contact details or instruct families to send you a personal message.…
47 posts, 26.Jan.2015
New in Munich (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Munich, or live in Munich and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Do not, however, ask your newbie questions here about life in Munich. Nobody will answer them. If you have basic questions like How do I find an apartment…
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Where to buy kettlebells
33 posts, 26.Jan.2015
Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
61 posts, 25.Jan.2015
La Leche League Breastfeeding meetings in English
7 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Taekwondo classes in Munich
51 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Asian food shops / Indian grocery stores
Posted image Asia Feinkost Haus Van Hoi Augustenstrasse 51 80333 Munich This place is very good too. It has Chinese / Thai / Indian / Arabic / Everyland. Big as your average Tengelmann, clean, bright and friendly. The guys / gals in the shop are open (to the point of embarassment) to questions about cooking. They even…
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Regular Sunday Morning Squash Club
5 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Military bases near Munich - What is the location?
95 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Pet sitter recommendations - Cat and dog sitting
Posted image Hi Folks- I am searching for a dog sitter for my two samoyeds in Bogenhausen when travelling for business. 1 week increments most likely. Occassional day time or overnight visits to house also needed. Normally I go to the hundepension in the summer and winter peak holiday breaks, but I would like a more local…
39 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Car parking in Munich
Posted image To follow-up, licensed parking may be coming to your neighborhood (within the Innenstadt) in the near future! Specifically, Gärtnerplatz & Maxvorstadt from 4th of December, 2007; and the Isarvorstadt, Ludwigvorstadt, Hauptbahnhof areas in February, 2008. You can check the neighborhoods affected online.…
89 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Buying property in Munich
77 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Police checks at S-bahn station
Hands, and what's in them, kill cops. They like to see empty hands and they don't like you reaching in places they can't see and don't know the contents of. As far as profiling... It all about statistics. If I'm looking for a group of black guys who have been committing burglaries in a…
23 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Gymnasium admission in Bavaria
When I compare my US education with that of my daughter (raised here and at university now), there's one big difference: in the US, teachers want you to succeed and are willing to help. Here in Munich, the three track school system allows teachers to say "Hey, having problems? Drop down to the next…
78 posts, 22.Jan.2015
The total uselessness of the MVV route planner
1. Why do all the connections via Anhalterplatz tell you to walk there? - Bus 2 minute walk to Lüneburger Str (est) 2 minutes on the bus, leaving at 13, 33, 53, arriving 15, 35, 55 Bus 50 east leaves at 8, 18, 28 etc giving you a connection time of 3 minutes Total time from home before you are on the Bus 50…
21 posts, 21.Jan.2015
Munich babysitters wanted
If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months. If you are…
31 posts, 21.Jan.2015
Photography Club Munich
This Photography Club meets every two weeks on Tuesday evenings for a shoot around the city and then discussion about the shoot and socializing at a local bar/cafe. The start time for the bi-weekly meeting will vary so keep an eye on the header for location, time, and date information. We welcome all skill…
5 posts, 21.Jan.2015
Munich meetup for our 5 and 11 year olds
123 posts, 21.Jan.2015
Registration of residence in Munich (Anmeldung)
5 posts, 20.Jan.2015
English speaking tailor in Munich
89 posts, 20.Jan.2015
Where to buy homebrew ingredients
4 posts, 20.Jan.2015
Bake This English Improv Show
10 posts, 19.Jan.2015
Where to buy gefilte fish in Munich
123 posts, 19.Jan.2015
Munich Skeptics in the Pub
96 posts, 18.Jan.2015
Kiwis in Munich
5 posts, 18.Jan.2015
New in Munich looking to meet new people!
4 posts, 18.Jan.2015
Looking for people willing to learn skiing
135 posts, 17.Jan.2015
Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange
Posted image I moved recently and was fed up of buying those cardboard things from Obi etc. that tear into bits as soon as you look at them. So I decided to buy plastic 60l euroboxes for the move. Worked brilliantly. I've kept a load of them, but have ten which are now surplus to requirements. They cost me 15€…
45 posts, 16.Jan.2015
Lollihop - Bavaria's largest indoor playground
21 posts, 15.Jan.2015
Cross country skiing (skating) meet-up
36 posts, 15.Jan.2015
Vegans in Munich - Anyone out there?
14 posts, 14.Jan.2015
Epidemiology Masters at LMU (Munich)
12 posts, 14.Jan.2015
Local van hire companies - Recommendations
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