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Friday beer garden. # Details on post 5! #
Friday Beer Garden We're at a different beer garden, beer cellar, or pub each Friday. See the list of past locations. Everyone is welcome to turn up. If you like beer and a good laugh, come along! You can invite anyone too. If you don't know anyone there, contact me to find out what or who to look out for.…
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Cross-country skiing tours - Nordic ski trips
Posted image Cross-country skiing is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the Alps in winter. Tours take place every Sunday during the season. We follow groomed, signposted trails and use the "classic" (diagonal) style trails. We stop along the way for lunch in a restaurant. Transport is normally by train. Some of our tours…
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Munich babysitters available
Are you available for work as a babysitter? If so, post your details and availability here. Your advert will be most effective if you include a short paragraph of text about you and what kind of work you are looking for. Remember to include contact details or instruct families to send you a personal message. Note that…
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Cross country skiing (skating) meet-up
131 posts, 11:53 today
Meet up for women (25+) , permanently in Munich
62 posts, 11:45 today
Crisco shortening and vanilla extract
Posted image is the only Dr Oetker one I will use - the others do not actually contain vanilla. You'll get pods in most bigger supermarkets usually on the herb & spice racks, either in a tub or clear glass tube. Kaufhof/Hertie and the like also stock them in their Feinkost departments. Vanilla pod = Vanilleschoten They look all…
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Earring Support in German
13 posts, 20:30 yesterday
Gift card scam at Abercrombie & Fitch
I realize this isn't terribly helpful to your wife at the moment but I'd sincerely hesitate before calling this a "scam"--who failed to get the receipt? Your wife. Therefore she is at least 50% responsible for the fact that she now has a non-activated gift card and no proof of payment. As with anything…
17 posts, 20:20 yesterday
Meet up for indecisive 20-somethings
5 posts, 18:06 yesterday
Children's playgroups in Neufahrn
11 posts, 15:31 yesterday
Munich Curry Night
Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week. Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and…
9 posts, 14:50 yesterday
Bike Park open thread - 2013 Season
14 posts, 13:14 yesterday
TT Munich book reading and discussion club
92 posts, 06:50 yesterday
English speakers in/around Erding
37 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Pub quiz nights in Munich
23 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Professional IT jobs for English-speakers
88 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Regular Sunday Morning Squash Club
20 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Ratings or reviews of Munich schools
Ermh, you do know that Grundschule in Bavaria is only 4 years? Just checking, since it's 6 years in Berlin. By my calculation, when you move to Munich in Autumn 2012, your eldest will enter 4th grade. This means that the decision which higher school she is allowed to attend will be taken in April 2013, just 7.5…
22 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Where to buy bubble wrap
11 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Alpine climbing - looking for partner
13 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Cycling Group Xmas Party
31 posts, 16.Dec.2014
The current weather in Munich
94 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Feelgood Salon - facials, manicure, waxing
Posted image Erm, yes UrbanAngel. I do happen to know someone else who has been there. These little fellas... They had a complimentary demonstration pedicure at "Feelgood" couple of weeks ago. And it did indeed feel good. By the way, sk8rgrl mentioned previously that Krista speaks "awesome English". Well, Krista…
8 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Walker's mince pies and Christmas puddings
74 posts, 16.Dec.2014
English-speaking midwives (Hebamme)
48 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Apple Macintosh computer repair shops
4 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Munich Hash House Harriers next run:
Posted image The Munich Hash House Harriers is a social club where the group activities are centered around runs in the countryside and drinking beer. The events happen every second Saturday throughout the year. In addition there are special events such as Oktoberfest and Christmas parties. For a more detailed introduction see: Hash…
6 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Entity Theatre presents Sleeping Beauty - A Panto
8 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Bake This English Improv Holiday Show
29 posts, 14.Dec.2014
Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
76 posts, 13.Dec.2014
TT noisy Christmas Party 2014 - Munich
9 posts, 13.Dec.2014
Where get a flu vaccination
8 posts, 12.Dec.2014
Cycling tours around Munich
Munich is a great place for cycling tours, either within the city itself with a Biergarten stop or outside of town in the Bavarian countryside. One tour is normally planned each weekend by a dedicated team during a season which starts mid-March and ends with the first snows of December. This is social cycling, not a sport.…
56 posts, 12.Dec.2014
Attacked last night at Orleansplatz - Knife attack
Update case started today, I gave my testimony (as did two doctors on the state of my assailants mental health.) They confiscated two sikh knives and have banned him from carrying weapons. He now has until Thursday to provide proof that he has accomomdation and a job (his ex employer has said that he will take him on again)…
26 posts, 12.Dec.2014
Hauptbahnhof M√ľnchen - ongoing renovations
As reported last year, the underground passage above the U2 (EDIT- not including the one above the S-bahn lines) is getting a facelift costing 20 Million Euro. The project became urgent and necessary as the join between the S-Bahn passage and the U-Bahn passage is now faulty and is leaking. Seeing as they are tackling…
4 posts, 11.Dec.2014
Huawei Research Center in Munich
17 posts, 11.Dec.2014
Amateur banjo and bluegrass instrument players
7 posts, 11.Dec.2014
English-speaking gastroenterologists
13 posts, 11.Dec.2014
Men's clothes shopping in Munich
13 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Volleyball indoor in Munich - Any suggestions?
16 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Freising vs Erding - Which is better?
23 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Munich babysitters wanted
If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months. If you are a babysitter…
17 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)
Posted image Hello All, a couple of years ago we had a Sushi Night, then I moved away, then I came back and therefore will try my luck at organizing something again. The sushi night is always on the first Tuesday of the month. I'll post here with our choice of restaurant, you add your name to the list if you wish to join. Discussion…
80 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Netball in Munich - Teams and associations
43 posts, 09.Dec.2014
Tennis partners sought and found (2013)
57 posts, 09.Dec.2014
Photography Club Munich
This Photography Club meets every two weeks on Tuesday evenings for a shoot around the city and then discussion about the shoot and socializing at a local bar/cafe. The start time for the bi-weekly meeting will vary so keep an eye on the header for location, time, and date information. We welcome all skill levels. Some…
18 posts, 09.Dec.2014
Recommendations for instant/immediate glasses
118 posts, 09.Dec.2014
House and apartment cleaning services
147 posts, 08.Dec.2014
Where to buy Cheddar cheese
Posted image Having given up on that bloke who claimed to have Wyke Farms Vintage and with a craving for cheddar in these wintry days, I scoured Munich for cheese-snob cheddar, by which I do not mean Cathedral Shitty. The export market appears to be dominated by Coombe Castle, who do distribute some excellent brands such as Glastonbury…
5 posts, 08.Dec.2014
English speaking toddler Preschool near the BIS
5 posts, 08.Dec.2014
Student life in LMU/TUM
4 posts, 07.Dec.2014
Munich meetup for our 5 and 11 year olds
14 posts, 07.Dec.2014
Selling Homemade goods: Arts and Crafts
52 posts, 07.Dec.2014
Job interviews at the European Patent Office (EPO)
4 posts, 06.Dec.2014
English Speaking Meetup - At Gast near Gasteig
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Friday beer garden
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English Speaking Meetup
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Iraqi music concert
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Saturday 20.Dec.2014
Saturday Tennis at Hirschau - Englisher Garten
15:00 to 17:00 Weekly during the Tennis Season
Hanukkah Storytime at The Readery
11am Sat. 20.Dec.2014 @ The Munich Readery
Munich Hash House Harriers next run:
2:00pm Sat 20.Dec.2014 @ Nordfriedhof U6
Sunday 21.Dec.2014
Stitch 'n' Bitch - it's not all about knitting
5pm at TreeMans, Oberanger 26, Munich
Monday 22.Dec.2014
Playgroup for English-speaking parents and kids
Weekly event, Mondays 10.30am @ Himmelfahrtskirche
Tuesday 23.Dec.2014
Badminton in Munich @ Sportzentrum Martinsried
7:30pm Tue 23.Dec.2014
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