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14 posts, 27.Mar.2015
Asians living in Hamburg
29 posts, 27.Mar.2015
Looking to meet new friends
131 posts, 26.Mar.2015
After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
4 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Where to watch England's FIFA World Cup games
53 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Moving to Hamburg and my situation is unique
This seems like a perfectly formulated troll post to me, but on the chance it isn't: you're laidback only in that you're 100% laidback as long as things are 100% the way you want them. Usually people like that are extremely invested in their laidback self-image (that's why they invariably describe themselves…
6 posts, 22.Mar.2015
Shipping Jobs in Hamburg
13 posts, 21.Mar.2015
What are some good areas to live in Hamburg
13 posts, 20.Mar.2015
Fiction Writers Meet Up - At Hamburg
17 posts, 17.Mar.2015
The current weather in Hamburg & Surrounds
Posted image Here the rain can go on for 15-20 days. The dose makes the poison - it rains non-stop but not very heavily so at the end of the day HH only gets around an average of 800 mm a year spread out over 130 days. I don't remember where I found this cartoon originally, but I think we can sum up the thread with it…
6 posts, 16.Mar.2015
Loan to rent a flat - Flat rent
5 posts, 15.Mar.2015
Concert: Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain
31 posts, 11.Mar.2015
English-speaking playgroup in Altona
80 posts, 10.Mar.2015
New English speaking football team in Hamburg
7 posts, 10.Mar.2015
FC St. Pauli - More than just football
Posted image A Roman poet once said that all people need to keep them happy is "bread and circus". At The Millerntor you will definitely be entertained and finding something to eat is never a problem. The only problem at St Pauli is trying to concentrate on the game. While not distracted by the massive WW2 bunker standing…
4 posts, 09.Mar.2015
Renting a flat from Akelius GmbH
5 posts, 09.Mar.2015
Primary school German preparation classes
27 posts, 06.Mar.2015
Volunteer work opportunities in Hamburg
86 posts, 03.Mar.2015
Paddy's Bar - Sports and live music
Posted image What's On @ Paddys? Fri. International Football - England v Moldova & Germany v Austria 21hr...followed by LIVE MUSIC w NIK!! Sat. DJ CRUMPY with his own Selection of Brit Pop & The Paddy's Pub Grub Menu is available now...Shepherds Pie, Cornish Pasties, Bacon Butty, Tayto Crisps...…
16 posts, 24.Feb.2015
HVV fines issued to foreigners
Stop me if I sound crazy but, can't your "friend" not just pay the fine? I don't know to what lengths they will go to but I think these fines eventually turn into a criminal offence that might mean a jail sentence. Maybe after being caught two or three times but I thought I'd heard some…
6 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Tennis Partners Sought - C'mon dust off your racquet
7 posts, 24.Feb.2015
I'm seeking Carpenter and Joiner job in Hamburg
Since you've cleared up the citizenship issue and you are too old for the WHV, you need to pass the Vorrangpr├╝fung (see the wiki for more info). Why does it have to be Hamburg? It is not clear if you have formal qualifications or only practical experience. Formal qualifications are very important in Germany.…
14 posts, 18.Feb.2015
Where to find a dog sitter
13 posts, 18.Feb.2015
Hamburg First and Second Grade Report Cards
Posted image Sorry about the grainy quality. As you can see my son doesn't give a rats A about the arts. But he has managed to ruin life for the "religion" teacher because he loves logical explanations. oddly did get good marks though. Anyhow, there is nothing there that a child can't handle. From…
11 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Computer shops in Hamburg
4 posts, 11.Feb.2015
Removals/moving companies in Hamburg
14 posts, 03.Feb.2015
Tobacco shop that sells Indonesian clove cigarette
Posted image Hello all, I'm relatively new to Hamburg and was wondering if there was a shop that sold Indonesian Clove Cigarettes, also called kretek. I moved up here from Stuttgart, and found them in a shop down there, so I figured Hamburg would have them too but I can't find them anywhere. I prefer to smoke the menthol…
4 posts, 03.Feb.2015
Sports Bars near HSV ground?
7 posts, 02.Feb.2015
Hamburg language schools: Rackow/Tandem/Crisol etc
17 posts, 01.Feb.2015
American Superbowl Meet-up!
4 posts, 01.Feb.2015
Concerts in Hamburg - ID
21 posts, 29.Jan.2015
English-speaking therapists in Hamburg
9 posts, 29.Jan.2015
English speaking counselors or therapists Hamburg
8 posts, 28.Jan.2015
musicians interested in meeting up in Hamburg
6 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Superbowl 2015 LIVE!
11 posts, 27.Jan.2015
Norwegian Football/Soccer - pubs
31 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Best Coffee in Hamburg
11 posts, 22.Jan.2015
Adult swimming courses in English
4 posts, 21.Jan.2015
How to find a job in the environmental sector
6 posts, 19.Jan.2015
Gas/ electricity/ water cost estimate sought
19 posts, 18.Jan.2015
English-speaking female gynecologist in Hamburg
5 posts, 16.Jan.2015
Looking for the best Gastroenterologist
13 posts, 16.Jan.2015
English speaking Steuerberater in Hamburg
13 posts, 15.Jan.2015
Kombucha, Tea Beer, Kargasok Tea
22 posts, 14.Jan.2015
English-speaking counsellors and therapists
52 posts, 10.Jan.2015
Poker nights - 'At cool guys nest'!
12 posts, 10.Jan.2015
Where to take technical classes in Hamburg?
Eh, they do. The Handwerkskammern - as suggested earlier - offer such courses with limited scope. They're usually aimed at people who already have done an apprenticeship (some HWK list it as a requirement, some don't) and who want some cross-disciplinary training to broaden their work prospects, or get…
10 posts, 07.Jan.2015
Canteens and cafeterias in Hamburg
7 posts, 06.Jan.2015
PET Hotels Hamburg
17 posts, 06.Jan.2015
Cost of living in Hamburg
13 posts, 03.Jan.2015
Irish people meeting up - At Hamburg
21 posts, 31.Dec.2014
Football / Soccer Teams in Hamburg 2013/14
30 posts, 30.Dec.2014
Having a baby in Hamburg
38 posts, 30.Dec.2014
US driver's license exchange in Hamburg
4 posts, 30.Dec.2014
Meetup for Christmas/NYE - Anywhere in Hamburg
20 posts, 29.Dec.2014
Einwohnermeldeamt in Hamburg
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