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South Africans in Hamburg - Looking for Saffas
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Mountain biking around HH - Around hh? anything?
12 posts, 25.Jul.2014
Spiders in Hamburg
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After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
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(Native) English speakers in Hamburg wanted
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Finding friends in Hamburg - At Hamburg
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Being forced to change flat because of WG above
If they are playing loud music, the cops can help you by telling them to turn it down. If they are just walking to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make a sandwich, there is no law against that. However, it is possible that the building is not soundproof enough and maybe the landlord needs to improve on that. I suggest…
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Job offer/salary from shipping company/oil trading
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Burger Porn in HH - Hamburgs burgeoning burger scene
Inspired by a recent article in Prinz and pur about Hamburgs latest crop of burger eateries I decided to embark on a survey of my own. In the past I've been disappointment with the taste and texture of hamburgers in this city, finding them to resemble the old fashioned Frikadelle which has the texture of dense, dry…
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Non-denominational churches in Hamburg
What exactly do you mean by "non-denominational... I'm assuming you mean something within the Protestant spectrum - there are old, traditional, maybe to some minds a bit stuffy churches in Hamburg and the region, but there are also plenty of churches that are vibrant and lively. TBH, unless you speak German…
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Hard Cider in Hamburg - Where to find..
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International companies in Hamburg
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Top Notch Comedy Club (English Stand up Comedy)
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Good areas to live in Hamburg
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Poker nights - 'At cool guys nest'!
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Moving to Germany with dogs - Any advice?
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Dumping old furniture - Throwaway stuff by yourself
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Good general practitioners in Hamburg
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Locations of STD testing clinics Hamburg?
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Paddy's Bar - Sports and live music
Posted image What's On @ Paddys? Fri. International Football - England v Moldova & Germany v Austria 21hr...followed by LIVE MUSIC w NIK!! Sat. DJ CRUMPY with his own Selection of Brit Pop & The Paddy's Pub Grub Menu is available now...Shepherds Pie, Cornish Pasties, Bacon Butty, Tayto Crisps...…
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Dog camps and Boarding
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Swimming Training in Germany
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Interest in opening a bar/grill in HH
Posted image I'm waiting for the Craft Beer revolution to reach Germany. Germany is rightly famous for its beer, but the very factors that make its beer great have prevented the kind of progress we are seeing in the States and other countries. I would be willing to bet that, done right, the first brave person to open…
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Tourist tips for a two-day visit to Hamburg
Posted image everything was closed when I went in, I think it's offices/travel agent or some such. There were only 8 Flak Towers, 2 in Hamburg (including the only intact MkI which is in St Pauli), 3 in Berlin (one missing and 2 in ruins) and 3 in Vienna. Vienna has the only remaining Control Towers, one of which is now…
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Teaching English in Germany General Questions
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LEAD in drinking water - 4 times more
Here's another thread about lead in the tap water in Germany. Have you discussed your concern with the owner yet? It's not unusual since they used lead pipes in old buildings and many have not been removed yet. Here's an article about the problem and from what I've read it's fairly common…
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Teaching English at Berlitz in Hamburg
Though this thread may be old, I thought I'd add my own experiences with Berlitz to the list. I worked for the center in Kiel. The other teachers were generally polite towards one another, including myself, and I felt a sense of belonging there after a short time. Honestly, I was happy there, despite not having…
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Exceptional bakeries in Hamburg - Where are they?
4 posts, 15.Jun.2014
Moving to Hamburg
11 posts, 14.Jun.2014
Looking to Host RPG/D&D Game
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Translation services needed for diploma etc.
This is an official site run by the Department of Justice in Hessen on behalf of all the German states, that lets you search for certified translators and interpreters - for all kinds of languages - in all of Germany. I have used this site numerous times for translators and interpreters, and can highly recommend…
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Questions on car maintenance, parking etc.
Let alone a beginner driver, a lot of drivers find cruise control quite intimidating and cannot grasp the actual concept that the car is all of a sudden driving on it's own. One example of this is when cruise control is set and there is a slight bend with an uphill gradient. Due to the gradient the car starts…
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Recommended home internet and TV providers
6 posts, 11.Jun.2014
Nice place to live for affordable price in Hamburg
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Where to buy a new neck band for a keychain?
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Fiction Writers Meet Up - At Hamburg
4 posts, 07.Jun.2014
Top Notch Comedy Club (English Stand up Comedy)
30 posts, 06.Jun.2014
US driver's license exchange in Hamburg
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Healthcare/IT recruiter, want to move to Hamburg
30 posts, 02.Jun.2014
Where to buy Australian foods in Hamburg
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Jobs teaching English in Hamburg
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Fridge transportation cost
7 posts, 30.May.2014
Philly Cheese and pastrami ruben sandwich shop
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Biotechnology/pharmacuetical companies in Hamburg?
7 posts, 26.May.2014
Need German lessons, seeking school
6 posts, 26.May.2014
Acupuncture and reflexologists in Hamburg
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Petition for a Dunkin Donuts in Hamburg
7 posts, 21.May.2014
Where to find what is happening in Hamburg
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Playdays - English playgroup in central Hamburg
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Tips for black people new in Hamburg
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HVV debt collection after leaving Germany
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Finding the best croissants in town
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Best breakfast buffet you've had in Hamburg
What about creating your own? Go with them on Saturday to one of the markets with good, local produce. Get some cheeses, meats, veggies, fresh fruit etc. Pick up some fresh eggs, get oranges to squeeze juice, get some good quality coffee beans or nice tea. You can make some additional spreads yourself, or get them…
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Large house plants in Hamburg
12 posts, 05.May.2014
Einwohnermeldeamt in Hamburg
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Manju - I agree as I have the same opinion. The serving staff and the kitchen are…
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Finnegan's Wake - hi, Same street, same side of the Road, but further down the road, last…
Paddy's Bar - Been here a few times now, and its small cosy, friendly, good atmosphere,…
Jimmy Elsass - I was at this place with 2 friends this evening. The Flammkuchens were…
Shalimar - The above address is incorrect. Correct address is ABC-Straße 46, Hamburg…
Badshah - The best we found so far... authentic north Indian taste. Not the best…
Down Under - Hi I went past this pub Whit Monday, but it was closed, and looked like…
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