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2 posts, 12:46 yesterday
Top Notch Comedy Club (English Stand Up Comedy)
Reservations for the next show are coming in fast over the last few days !!!! The last few shows were truly amazing, packed to the rafters with a great bunch of comedians all the way from the UK and
1 posts, 13:12 28.May.2015
Unsociable Hours Meetup
hello!!My name is Enobong and I am a 26yrold Brit living in Hamburg.? My German is not bad, I speak excellent Denglish and I am looking to make some new friends in this fine city.? I've been in hamb
15 posts, 12:58 28.May.2015
Fiction writers meet up
hey, I'm no professional writer but I do have an interest in writing.? I would love to join this group and maybe meet up.? send me a message and let me know when the meetups are?
12 posts, 15:51 27.May.2015
Help with pet insurance in Germany please
The liability insurance is pretty cheap, I think I pay about ?60pa but pet health insurance is prohibitively expensive here unfortunately. It's probably cheaper to just pay the vet's bills
141 posts, 10:56 27.May.2015
After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
After Work Queer BeerCasual English Treff for the English-speaking gay crowdbut EVERYONE is welcome!yes, everyone, that means you.Thurs. May 21st, 19hM&V - Lange Reihe 22.Ask for the English tabl
8 posts, 21:16 26.May.2015
Dog tags - is there a legal requirement?
Apparantly you must inform the local office or at night the police that you have found a animal. If the animal is injured this also stops you being handed the medical bills!!!?WICHTIG: Aus rechtliche
2 posts, 13:47 25.May.2015
Adopting a Kitten in Hamburg
Hi,I am living in Hamburg and have been trying very hard to find out where I can adopt a Kitten. I have seen plenty of places with pure breeds but I am just looking for a domestic cat. I would prefer
16 posts, 09:48 25.May.2015
Tips for flat search in Hamburg
Hey People,I'm planning to move to Hamburg in August. Although I have been using substr('the?http://www.immobilienscout24.de/wohnen/?website', 0, 24) . '... ' to look for apartments, I was wondering
41 posts, 01:08 25.May.2015
Looking to meet new friends
Hello!!?I've been living in Hamburg for a couple of months but would love to meet up with some english speakers ?are you still having these meet-ups or are you having any meet up this weekend at all?
4 posts, 18:14 24.May.2015
16-year-old moving to Hamburg: advice sought
So I'm moving with my family...?by the end of June to Hamburg, Germany.. Why? If one of your parents' has a new job, make sure they negotiate international school fees into the job contract, because
11 posts, 11:35 24.May.2015
Searching for work in Hamburg with A2 German
However, one of the conditions for applying for a EU blue card is that you should already have a qualified working contract, i.e. you already need to have a job. But most companies seem to reject my
2 posts, 09:35 24.May.2015
Hamburg Grundschule Bus Ticket
The Hamburg Grundschule my daughter lives close to rejected her so she must travel daily to another Stadtteil for school and Ferienbetreuung.Any TTer know a way to get the bus fare for her covered by
5 posts, 16:10 21.May.2015
Hunting for a home in Hamburg!
Hi Samuel, We are looking for a Nachmieter for a?2-room,?42 m2 flat with balcony and garden (optional) in Bahrenfeld. The flat is available immediately.It's located near the Bahrenfeld train station
26 posts, 14:23 21.May.2015
Shoplifting, and video surveillance in the dressing room
So you put on a shirt and wore it out of the store. The alarm went off - twice - and the shop detectives were too dumb to spot the security tag hanging from the shirt you were wearing. Lucky you. I h
1 posts, 22:51 20.May.2015
Eurovision finale 2015!
Hello everyone!Is there a party of folks gathering somewhere to watch the Eurovision song contest finale on Saturday 23rd may? I have heard it's a very big thing in Germany and I would love to catch
8 posts, 16:20 19.May.2015
Looking for open-air pools in Hamburg
I don't think Ohlsdorf has an outside pool. Check 'ausstatung' and look for 'ausenbecken'. Holthusenbad and Alster schwimm halle for example. there is also a big pool at the Stadtpark.
8 posts, 14:41 19.May.2015
Computer Repair/Help in English
Hi Jeff, to contact him you can click on his profile and either send him a message or you can contact him via his website - substr('http://www.allantang.com', 0, 24) . '... ' - he visited the forum o
15 posts, 17:11 18.May.2015
What are some good areas to live in Hamburg
Hello group. I may be relocating to Hamburg from the U.S. in the late summer. I will be coming with my wife and two children (age 9 and 13), who will most likely be enrolled at Phorms. We are resear
4 posts, 16:38 18.May.2015
Relocation to Hamburg
Hello group. I may be relocating to Hamburg from the U.S. in the late summer. I will be coming with my wife and two children (age 9 and 13), who will most likely be enrolled at Phorms. We are researc
6 posts, 15:53 15.May.2015
Restaurants in Hamburg
Alex, great selection!!?Don?t forget the best place for homemade substr('Burger:?http://www.saintsandsinners-stpauli.de/?Or', 0, 24) . '... ' ?for Schnitzel or even vegan yummy substr('food:?http://w
1 posts, 17:46 13.May.2015
single people meet ups
Hi :-) i'm a german girl (39) who is looking for new friends to meet up with. Interested in meeting up for a coffee or drinks or to go out dancing. Musicwise I like pop, rock, charts, 80ies/90ies and
9 posts, 13:59 13.May.2015
Taking 2-3 months break from work
Talk to your employer without mentioning your health condition, just you need break for 2 months from work.?Most of the German employers really give importance to employees.i guess you can manage 1 o
29 posts, 19:38 05.May.2015
The current weather in Hamburg & Surrounds
Judging by the number of sirens going past, I'm willing to bet there were a few flooded underpasses and cellars Hmm, and isn't the S3 going every 20 minutes? The S21 is, and that means no impact fo
3 posts, 11:10 03.May.2015
German language course
About 2 weeks ago I had a letter from VHS in Hamburg that I can enrol on a Bamf German language B2 Course in 10 days time . Then I turned up up 26th March the date of the enrollement and the person
15 posts, 20:44 02.May.2015
English-speaking Steuerberater in Hamburg
Hi everybody, Based on professional experience I can give everybody the following advise if searching for a German Tax Adviser (Steuerberater). - He / she and his / her team have to speak decent En
10 posts, 20:00 02.May.2015
Car mechanics and garages in Hamburg
Hi everyone! Very urgent! I live between Hamburg and L?beck. I'm looking for a car mechanic who has had experience with Landrovers.My old discovery TD5 has had a leaking ACE system.The leak comes f
5 posts, 19:38 02.May.2015
Car mechanics in Hamburg
Hi everyone! Very urgent! I live between Hamburg and L?beck. I'm looking for a car mechanic who has had experience with Landrovers.My old discovery TD5 has had a leaking ACE system.The leak comes f
2 posts, 17:17 01.May.2015
Looking for mobile bike repair person
Pretty standard at this time of year in bike shops, as soon as the sun comes out everyone looks at his bike and says geez, gotta get some work done on it. So the backlog for repair shops builds up re
5 posts, 21:00 30.Apr.2015
How do bills work here?
Thanks to everyone for quick and concise replies. I really wasn't sure how it was supposed to work and it's a really foreign and seemingly shaky concept to me. I doubt he'd really try to rip anyone o
9 posts, 16:37 30.Apr.2015
Spending a long weekend in Hamburg on 1st May
Hi Nina and everyone else, really, I don't think you'll have to worry. Even if there are protests, they will be out of the way and it will be very easy to steer clear of them. Other than the possibil

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