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30 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Poker nights - 'At cool guys nest'!
8 posts, 17.Dec.2014
2br apartment rental in Altona - good or bad deal?
10 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Adult swimming courses in English
143 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Sufficient salary ranges in Hamburg
If you're here on your own that will work out at approx €2300/month net, which is enough to live fairly well here. That clashes a bit with your second goal though, which will definitely put the brakes on a lavish lifestyle. You may be able to save €1000/month in Hamburg but only if you are very careful with spending…
117 posts, 16.Dec.2014
After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
82 posts, 15.Dec.2014
Paddy's Bar - Sports and live music
Posted image What's On @ Paddys? Fri. International Football - England v Moldova & Germany v Austria 21hr...followed by LIVE MUSIC w NIK!! Sat. DJ CRUMPY with his own Selection of Brit Pop & The Paddy's Pub Grub Menu is available now...Shepherds Pie, Cornish Pasties, Bacon Butty, Tayto Crisps...…
10 posts, 13.Dec.2014
Where to take technical classes in Hamburg?
8 posts, 10.Dec.2014
Looking to meet new friends.
5 posts, 06.Dec.2014
Looking for English-speaking families
8 posts, 05.Dec.2014
Recommended immigration lawyers in Hamburg
62 posts, 04.Dec.2014
Poker players in Hamburg
10 posts, 02.Dec.2014
English speaking Steuerberater in Hamburg
66 posts, 01.Dec.2014
German language integration courses in Hamburg
8 posts, 01.Dec.2014
New friends anywhere in Hamburg - Events and meetups
5 posts, 26.Nov.2014
Wandsbek good area?
12 posts, 21.Nov.2014
Good place to find Christmas decorations?
36 posts, 21.Nov.2014
US driver's license exchange in Hamburg
11 posts, 20.Nov.2014
Where to buy cow skulls or from other animals
7 posts, 20.Nov.2014
Canteens and cafeterias in Hamburg
30 posts, 18.Nov.2014
Best Coffee in Hamburg
12 posts, 18.Nov.2014
Best cafés in Hamburg
5 posts, 16.Nov.2014
Meeting new awesome people - At Anywhere
38 posts, 16.Nov.2014
Hamburg English Children's Library
Count me in. I've got lots of children's books, but most I wouldn't want to part with. (At least not for good that is. If your child gets really desperate, I could be persuaded to lend you some.) Nevertheless I shall find a couple of books to donate. Moreover I used to work in a children's…
11 posts, 13.Nov.2014
Native German is looking for friends
19 posts, 10.Nov.2014
Burger porn in HH
Inspired by a recent article in Prinz and pur about Hamburgs latest crop of burger eateries I decided to embark on a survey of my own. In the past I've been disappointment with the taste and texture of hamburgers in this city, finding them to resemble the old fashioned Frikadelle which has the texture of dense,…
42 posts, 08.Nov.2014
Buchholz and Harburg districts
18 posts, 03.Nov.2014
English-speaking female gynecologist in Hamburg
77 posts, 02.Nov.2014
New English speaking football team in Hamburg
20 posts, 02.Nov.2014
Football / Soccer Teams in Hamburg 2013/14
16 posts, 31.Oct.2014
English-speaking psychologists in Hamburg
8 posts, 31.Oct.2014
HomeCompany Hamburg anyone?
7 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Need info on how to work in Hamburg as doctor
No offense intended towards you personally as an ongoing doctor but that attitude shows just how little doctors in general respect patients. Will you be treating patients or working in a lab? In the latter case, the medical terminology will be simple enough to learn, but if you will be interacting with people…
11 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Gaelic Football in Hamburg - Team or kick around
28 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Having a baby in Hamburg
12 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Tips for flat search in Hamburg
9 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Fiction Writers Meet Up - At Hamburg
13 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Hamburg football team looking for a goalkeeper!
4 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Kielortallee, Turmweg Grundschulen
8 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Train strikes this weekend
24 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Volunteer work opportunities in Hamburg
11 posts, 16.Oct.2014
Commutable to Hamburg and bilingual education
If you intend to work full-time (unclear from your post), I would strongly discourage from living outside HH and commuting. In those smaller towns and villages of Niedersachsen and Schleswig-Holstein, primary school usually ends at 1 pm. Few of the schools have canteen/cafeteria and serve lunch. That means someone…
14 posts, 15.Oct.2014
Finding commission-free housing
6 posts, 14.Oct.2014
Your English for my German - whilst exploring HH
9 posts, 14.Oct.2014
QA job in gaming industry: What are my chances?
6 posts, 09.Oct.2014
In Search Of English Drivers License Handbook
6 posts, 09.Oct.2014
Where can I get a funny coffee mug?
4 posts, 03.Oct.2014
Indoor rock climber/s in Hamburg
6 posts, 02.Oct.2014
Where to buy fresh fish
11 posts, 01.Oct.2014
Irish people meeting up - At Hamburg
5 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Which grocery store takes VISA credit cards?
11 posts, 26.Sep.2014
Cost of living in Hamburg for a couple
25 posts, 25.Sep.2014
Hard Cider in Hamburg - Where to find..
6 posts, 24.Sep.2014
Italian sausage in Hamburg
The best place to get anything Italian in Hamburg is Andronaco. It's like some guy homesick for Italy set up a huge warehouse store full of everything from pasta to parmesan to paper towels - all in Italian. The wine section alone is massive. They're also online and deliver.…
4 posts, 21.Sep.2014
Trombonist wants to form musical ensemble
A real experienced trombonist! Please, leave rainy Hamburg and go to Wesel where you are needed in our big band! At least in my region a good trombonist is a rare species that a band must foster. I won't give you any address in Hamburg, because I know, you will then never…
9 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Football/Soccer meet up every Sunday
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Finnegan's Wake - hi, Same street, same side of the Road, but further down the road, last…
Paddy's Bar - Been here a few times now, and its small cosy, friendly, good atmosphere,…
Jimmy Elsass - I was at this place with 2 friends this evening. The Flammkuchens were…
Shalimar - The above address is incorrect. Correct address is ABC-Straße 46, Hamburg…
Badshah - The best we found so far... authentic north Indian taste. Not the best…
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