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68 posts, 11:45 today
Paddy's Bar - Sports and live music
Posted image What's On @ Paddys? Fri. International Football - England v Moldova & Germany v Austria 21hr...followed by LIVE MUSIC w NIK!! Sat. DJ CRUMPY with his own Selection of Brit Pop & The Paddy's Pub Grub Menu is available now...Shepherds Pie, Cornish Pasties, Bacon Butty, Tayto Crisps...…
8 posts, 07:39 today
Planning for a year in Hamburg - What to buy, etc.
13 posts, 17:14 yesterday
Advice for Aussie moving to Hamburg
8 posts, 21.Apr.2014
Baumarkt, hardware shops in Hamburg?
4 posts, 20.Apr.2014
Bilingual Teenagers in HH
19 posts, 19.Apr.2014
(Native) English speakers in Hamburg wanted!
8 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Gym with Swimming Pool Facility - Recommendation?
7 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Tandem Language School Hamburg - Is it any good?
8 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Cleaning lady/service in Hamburg
6 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Foreign Trained Lawyer wanting to move to Hamburg
15 posts, 15.Apr.2014
Questions on car maintenance, parking etc.
Let alone a beginner driver, a lot of drivers find cruise control quite intimidating and cannot grasp the actual concept that the car is all of a sudden driving on it's own. One example of this is when cruise control is set and there is a slight bend with an uphill gradient. Due to the gradient the car starts…
20 posts, 14.Apr.2014
Where to see dinosaurs near Hamburg
5 posts, 11.Apr.2014
Biotechnology/pharmacuetical companies in Hamburg?
80 posts, 10.Apr.2014
After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
7 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Bike repair shops, incl. DIY
11 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Seeking birth preparation classes in English
21 posts, 08.Apr.2014
English-speaking counsellors and therapists
13 posts, 08.Apr.2014
English-speaking psychologists in Hamburg
48 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Tips for black people new in Hamburg
17 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Poker nights - 'At cool guys nest'!
16 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Where to buy microwave popcorn in Hamburg
41 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Minimum salary to live in Hamburg
4 posts, 04.Apr.2014
Child care in Hamburg
Neox, yes - think about it. You're looking for a Kita place now and they're quoting you a possible entry date of 2015 for your child, at least a year in advance. Competition for Kindergarten places is even greater in most places, as many under-threes are cared for at home or by relatives (and are therefore…
51 posts, 31.Mar.2014
English-speaking dentists in Hamburg
4 posts, 28.Mar.2014
New mothers, or mothers-to-be living in Hamburg
13 posts, 26.Mar.2014
Boardgame playing in Hamburg - At Hamburg
15 posts, 24.Mar.2014
Relocating from Munich to Hamburg
Posted image I heard lots about L√ľneburg and want to go there. The one time we decided there was a car accident under the Elbetunnel, so we turned around. Schwarze Berge is great with or without family, just the view inside the Wildgehege where the deer are free and that lovely lake in the middle is very relaxing. Cheers…
4 posts, 22.Mar.2014
Hafencity Rents somtimes very cheap
9 posts, 22.Mar.2014
Outdoor sports for 5 y/o on weekends
25 posts, 20.Mar.2014
US driver's license exchange in Hamburg
4 posts, 20.Mar.2014
Short term rental in Hamburg - Any ideas?
47 posts, 16.Mar.2014
South Africans in Hamburg - Looking for Saffas
5 posts, 14.Mar.2014
Large house plants in Hamburg
14 posts, 14.Mar.2014
St Patrick's Day 2014 in Hamburg - Anything planned?
8 posts, 13.Mar.2014
Football/Soccer meet up every Sunday
20 posts, 11.Mar.2014
Where to learn how to paint
33 posts, 09.Mar.2014
6 Nations Rugby Championship 2014
13 posts, 08.Mar.2014
Outdoors activities partners wanted - At Hamburg
7 posts, 07.Mar.2014
Running group in Hamburg
20 posts, 05.Mar.2014
Finding an apartment is a nightmare
Are you sure you're looking for the right thing? WG stands for Wohngemeinschaft, or flat-share. The abbreviation of Wohnung is Whg. Also, most German real estate agents are worthless. They do whatever the hell they want and still get paid. Don't let it get to you. Good luck.…
63 posts, 01.Mar.2014
Netball teams in Hamburg
18 posts, 01.Mar.2014
TT International Meetup - Hamburg
Posted image The TT iM - International Meetup for October will be on Friday the 11th at 19h. CavaRo is a charming bar, centrally located, with a fully-stocked bar as well as a fantastic selection of wine. We usually have the place to ourselves which makes it an ideal location for a casual get-together.…
9 posts, 28.Feb.2014
Where to find it in HH.
111 posts, 28.Feb.2014
TT Curry Night in Hamburg
4 posts, 28.Feb.2014
Possibly moving to HH for work! Some questions
4 posts, 27.Feb.2014
Parking near the airport
60 posts, 26.Feb.2014
German language integration courses in Hamburg
4 posts, 26.Feb.2014
Work as a cook in Hamburg, wage? Minimum wages
4 posts, 25.Feb.2014
Massage recommendation for biking fall
12 posts, 25.Feb.2014
Moving to Buxtehude soon
6 posts, 24.Feb.2014
CAN vs. FIN on the rink, in Sochi & Paddy's Bar
4 posts, 21.Feb.2014
Top Notch Comedy Club (English Stand Up Comedy)
14 posts, 16.Feb.2014
Finding the impossible in Hamburg - good bras
7 posts, 15.Feb.2014
Computer repair costs constantly increasing
8 posts, 12.Feb.2014
Where to buy quality winter/mountain clothes
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