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Bakeries in Frankfurt that do good cakes
51 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Meet up in Bad Soden? Few quiet pints one evening
6 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Want a Free Coach? At Frankfurt
19 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Looking for recommendations for radio station
90 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Darmstadt meetup weekly - Next: tbd
7 posts, 25.Mar.2015
Eschborn get togethers - Eschborn Frankfurt
135 posts, 25.Mar.2015
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
This is UNTRUE. Yes, you can do great in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch, but to say that it makes no difference whatsoever? Come on. You must be highly qualified. Otherwise, you'd know how much harder it is to find work as a non-Dutch speaker. Even to volunteer, they sometimes weed you out. I'd say the…
6 posts, 24.Mar.2015
Looking for new friends... And Tandem partners
56 posts, 24.Mar.2015
How to enter the American Consulate in Frankfurt
Putting a Large bag/Backpack in a garbage bin outside a US Consulate, and you don't see any reason why they might get upset about it... Seriously, what are you brain dead? And why are you going to the Consulate just for pictures, when just about every Picture studio in Germany can make you PP sized pictures. Usually…
18 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Roleplaying in Frankfurt
19 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Dog boarding kennels in Frankfurt
29 posts, 22.Mar.2015
Scouting Wiesbaden for relocation - short version!
Perhaps the reason you didn't get many replies is many of the questions you have been answered before on the forum. You may want to consider searching the forum for relevant information regarding your topics. Here's information on Wiesbaden from TT search engine, check out this thread especially. Regarding your…
15 posts, 22.Mar.2015
ECB opens new building and Activists riot!
I bet 90% of them are unemployed and didn´t even bother to go to school or get a job for years. Who else would have so much free time to spend on the streets doing nothing but damage... I can understand some of their reasons, I even agree with some of them. But setting police cars on fire and blocking a whole city for…
48 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Lesbians in Frankfurt - Meet up with other lesbians
17 posts, 21.Mar.2015
New to Frankfurt and looking for friends!
6 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Where to buy Amla or Phyllanthus emblica
6 posts, 20.Mar.2015
Transportation from Darmstadt to Stuttgart
23 posts, 20.Mar.2015
35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
Be very careful how you interpret the meaning of words, poet220* The reason 35% concentration is classified as FOOD grade has nothing at all to do with it's being suitable for human or animal consumption (which it most certainly is not) but because of it's qualities as an industrial disinfectant in the food preparation…
4 posts, 19.Mar.2015
How to take car from Germany to Uk
6 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Geeks unite - gamer night - At Unknown
4 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Claiming Social contributions back on move
25 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Skyline Plaza is Open!
12 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Erasmus trilingual grade school in Frankfurt
5 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Kindergarten placement predicament
149 posts, 16.Mar.2015
Finding an apartment in Frankfurt
Title editing is appropriate according to forum guidelines (here) when it clarifies the topic at hand and is not malicious. If you think that it was inappropriately changed, you should report it to the mods using the report function rather than whine about it on the thread. Personally, the change is helpful and more likely…
70 posts, 13.Mar.2015
SATOURDAY 2015 - free museum entrance in Frankfurt
109 posts, 13.Mar.2015
Coffee meet-ups for expat ladies - At our homes
4 posts, 12.Mar.2015
Running Events in Frankfurt
11 posts, 12.Mar.2015
Sufficient salary ranges in Frankfurt & surroundings
7 posts, 10.Mar.2015
Nest thermostat in Germany
23 posts, 10.Mar.2015
Mexican and other Latin American food in Frankfurt
39 posts, 10.Mar.2015
Ladies' Daytime Book Club and Meet Up
8 posts, 08.Mar.2015
Frankfurt International Cycling Group FICycle
32 posts, 08.Mar.2015
Stay at home mums and wives
30 posts, 07.Mar.2015
Private language tutors in Frankfurt
98 posts, 07.Mar.2015
New in Frankfurt (or new to this forum)
24 posts, 05.Mar.2015
The current weather in Frankfurt
8 posts, 05.Mar.2015
Moving to Wiesbaden - Best areas?
7 posts, 04.Mar.2015
Kindergarten/preschools in Frankfurt
16 posts, 03.Mar.2015
Missing Person: Mirela Moisa
4 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Looking for Players
31 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Seeking RPG group in Frankfurt
28 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Playing football in Frankfurt - Looking for players
12 posts, 26.Feb.2015
How do I have a cheap discreet abortion?
It's physically, emotionally, legally and even ethically completely different to have an abortion in the early months of pregnancy or later. You're making the right call in worrying about it now. The optimum would have been the day after pill as already mentioned, but don't worry, just test yourself quickly…
13 posts, 25.Feb.2015
German state schools in Frankfurt
80 posts, 24.Feb.2015
English-speaking people in Bad Homburg
22 posts, 19.Feb.2015
Friday Night Drinking Club - Frankfurt (FNDC)
26 posts, 19.Feb.2015
Vorschule for children not speaking German
8 posts, 19.Feb.2015
Garage or parking space rental?
63 posts, 17.Feb.2015
Recommended house cleaners in Frankfurt
90 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Pregnancy in Frankfurt - Moms-to-be meetup or chat
5 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Language School Opening Party
6 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Where to play basketball in Frankfurt
5 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Basketball courts in Frankfurt
51 posts, 15.Feb.2015
Tax advisors and consultants in Frankfurt
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Selera Malaysian Restaurant - Excellent restaurant near the station served the biggest bowl of laksa I…
The Fox & Hound - A Head Chef & Part Time Waitresses needed. Please send application & CV…
The Anglo Irish Pub - used to go to an Irish pub in sachsenhausen in the 70's wonder is this one…
Yours Australian Bar - they should actually go to Australia and see that the food quality in even…
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