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Best area for accommodation - young expat family?
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Coffee meet-ups for expat ladies - At our homes
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Looking to volunteer with animals
66 posts, 29.Jul.2014
English Movie Sneak Preview - Every Monday @ 21:00
82 posts, 29.Jul.2014
Pregnancy in Frankfurt - Moms-to-be meetup or chat
8 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Rhine- Main slowpitch softball league
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Interested in climbing and mountaineering
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Montessori School in Frankfurt Inquiry
15 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Frankfurt English speaking school late enrollment
Hello worlder, there's an English-speaking state school south of Darmstadt, the State International School Seeheim-Jugenheim. School fees are €300 pcm, even though they are a state school they charge fees as they have to cover additional costs such as relocation packages, training etc. My eldest daughter is 14 and…
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I can't be the only lesbian in Frankfurt, surely?
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Elementary School in Taunus - What about Phorms?
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English speaking Mums in Langen
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Any Party People in FFM - At Frankfurt
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Eyebrow waxing and threading in Frankfurt
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Dentists in Frankfurt
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Recommended house cleaners in Frankfurt
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Black haircare in Frankfurt
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English speaking eye doctor for 2 year old
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English speaking orthopedic doctor
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New in Frankfurt (or new to this forum)
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Finding an apartment in Frankfurt
here is a table I recently found with the average size and price by area or "Stadtviertel"... in Frankfurt Stadtteil Durchschnitts-Größe Preis pro qm Westend-Nord 140 qm 15,94 Euro Ginnheim 126 qm 13,00 Euro Bahnhofsviertel 114 qm 13,90 Euro Frankfurter Berg 114 qm 12,70 Euro Westend-Süd 113 qm 16,57 Euro Bockenheim…
13 posts, 14.Jul.2014
International School Seeheim
7 posts, 12.Jul.2014
English, or English Speaking Mechanic needed -
97 posts, 11.Jul.2014
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
This is UNTRUE. Yes, you can do great in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch, but to say that it makes no difference whatsoever? Come on. You must be highly qualified. Otherwise, you'd know how much harder it is to find work as a non-Dutch speaker. Even to volunteer, they sometimes weed you out. I'd say the…
5 posts, 10.Jul.2014
Environmental Guest Speakers Needed
18 posts, 10.Jul.2014
Pregnant and Moving to Hofheim
Hi Everyone, Looks like this place is a bit of a magnet for the English speakers with young families. Not too surprising considering the ease of getting to the business hubs combined with child friendly amenities. Echo BobD with the crappy weather meaning everyone is dealing with stir crazy kids, I was briefly at the…
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German language courses in Hanau
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Ladies hairdressers in Frankfurt
Noreply, thank you for joining Toytown Germany, a forum that answers a plethora of questions any ex-pat might have. Do not hesitate to make yourself familiar with the various features of the forum, take time to browse it and to get a feeling for its general character and appearance, enjoy your stay in Germany. Most of…
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Playing football in Frankfurt - Looking for players
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Friday Night Drinking Club - Frankfurt (FNDC)
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La Leche League breastfeeding support meeting
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English-speaking netball team
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German American Friendship Festival - Wiesbaden
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Contract for an apartment and rent increase
62 posts, 02.Jul.2014
Frankfurt Curry Night - Date, Venue, & Time TBD
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Enduro routes around Taunus or Rhein-main area
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Moving to Rhein-Main area
12 posts, 01.Jul.2014
Looking for recommendations for radio station
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Pregnancy sick leave - Is it possible toget fired?
66 posts, 29.Jun.2014
Playing tennis in Frankfurt
5 posts, 26.Jun.2014
Weekly 5 a side football in Niederrad
13 posts, 25.Jun.2014
Konstablerwache to Eschborn Sud Monthly Rail pass
36 posts, 25.Jun.2014
Tips on job hunting in Frankfurt
29 posts, 24.Jun.2014
Playing Squash in Frankfurt
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Looking for dating website that isn't a con.
What I don't get is why you think a service that makes you pay to use it must be a con. Yes, read the conditions properly before signing up, and make sure you won't be paying through the nose for the next 100 years, but otherwise..there are plenty of private companies that don't give the luxury of a free trial.…
17 posts, 23.Jun.2014
Closest beach to Frankfurt am Main
I'm sorry, geewebb, but I have just had a good belly-laugh at your expense. We call it 'the continent' in the UK because, wait for it ...it is one! A sodding big land mass with Frankfurt well towards the middle. I also love the idea of accepting the job without even looking at the map. The sea is one thing…
15 posts, 21.Jun.2014
Need Cat Sitter or Boarding Facility
33 posts, 20.Jun.2014
Tamil people living in central Frankfurt
33 posts, 19.Jun.2014
Lesbians in Frankfurt - Meet up with other lesbians
8 posts, 18.Jun.2014
Sexual Health Clinic in Bad Homburg
16 posts, 18.Jun.2014
International companies in Frankfurt
62 posts, 18.Jun.2014
English-speaking gynecologists in Frankfurt
6 posts, 17.Jun.2014
Car registration address change
7 posts, 17.Jun.2014
Catteries and animal hotels in the Frankfurt area
24 posts, 17.Jun.2014
Seeking RPG group in Frankfurt
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