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8 posts, 21:04 yesterday
Surviving in Frankfurt with 1500 EUR/month?
You're right, I do pay something over 200 Euros per semester for the ticket and discounted meals. It's just that I will have some savings for such purposes (also apartment deposit and such), so I alr
3 posts, 20:01 yesterday
Cities around Hanau
The only other largish city between Frankfurt and Hanau is Offenbach, which has a mixed reputation (use search function!). But it's cheap. Well, cheaper than Frankfurt. Aschaffenburg is well below 10
151 posts, 19:32 yesterday
Finding an apartment in Frankfurt
Rac, are you looking for furnished or unfurnished? I'll be letting my flat furnished soon but I it might not be ready by the end of June. It's being renovated now and will be furnished afterwards.It'
3 posts, 10:30 yesterday
English au pair new in Frankfurt and looking for friends!
hello Gemma. I am?blessing, also new to Germany and I live in Wiesbaden which isn't so? far from Frankfurt. I am free to meet if u are. do u have Skype? Jonathan_blessing add me up so we can talk bet
153 posts, 00:00 yesterday
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
Guys, I will have insurance, I just have an option to go with private and save some money, it's not that I won't have it, it's an option in company with a gross salary over 55k to choose what would y
3 posts, 15:04 20.May.2015
Maternity hospitals and procedures Darmstadt - English speaking
Thanks Halle FX,I hadn't before now?as my gynaecologist said it was fairly pointless as there is no guarantee the one I "choose" will be available on the day and they are generally booked up months i
6 posts, 12:32 19.May.2015
Quilting or sewing
Am interested in a sewing or kind of fashion group. Started learning before I moved to Frankfurt I need to knw if there are english fashion courses around here or a meet up sewing group anybody inter
1 posts, 00:59 19.May.2015
Gym membership in fit7eleven
Hi there,I'm looking for someone who is interested to take over my contract in fir7eleven, they have 10 clubs around Frankfurt.32euros per month, all the clubs can be used, contract runs until April
2 posts, 10:09 18.May.2015
Advice wanted on family friendly neighbourhoods
Bockenheim is close to that end of Frankfurt. It has an urban feel but some nice residential areas (the northern part - "Diplomatenviertel" - is pretty posh). The school itself, I believe, is located
27 posts, 02:58 18.May.2015
New to Frankfurt and looking for friends!
Hi!?I'm Gemma, I'm 20 and?from England.?I moved here (more specifically to Friedrichsdorf) today and I'm looking to meet some people! if you're still around I'd love to hang out! Let me know, my emai
18 posts, 10:12 16.May.2015
Help with surviving in frankfurt
I think going back is the best decision under the circumstances. ?It's not like you have been here long enough to grow roots and staying would definitely be harder. ?You'd need to find work without s
13 posts, 22:16 15.May.2015
Tandem - English for your German in Frankfurt
Hi ,?I am german student, 25 and I have to improve my english skills as well, so if anyone is interested in a tandem, please let me know:) we can have a chat over coffee or by exploring frankfurt, as
1 posts, 09:51 15.May.2015
Villa Luna - bilingual kindergarten and krippe - recommendations
Hello there,just came back from pre-visit in Frankfurt, where we are moving to in July. Spent super exhausting marathon in a search for an appropriate pre-school and krippe for our 2 years old girl a
7 posts, 22:53 14.May.2015
Trainer anti English or anti Female
Look at the bright side: sexual orientation?and religious options?were not considered as possible reasons for the potentially substr('discriminatory?behaviour', 0, 24) . '... ' of the coach. Yet.To b
4 posts, 13:36 13.May.2015
Kindergarten in Darmstadt
It might be worth going along to some sessions with these guys?http://ikec.de/?or a similar play group?and making contact with the local parents who may be able to give you some more detailed backgro
1 posts, 08:22 13.May.2015
Musicians/ Spanish Guitar players/ performers in Frankfurt?
hey people! We are having our wedding at the end of September and are in seek of some cool, fun singlers/ musician, or someone who play spanish guitar...?if it is you or if you know?people who?are go
32 posts, 15:25 12.May.2015
English-speaking playgroups in Frankfurt
Hello,I have just moved from?the UK?to frankfurt to live with my partner and 2 children age 5 and 8years. we have only been 1 month together in Frankfurt and things don't seem to work between us. I a
1 posts, 12:08 12.May.2015
Quadcopter Flying
Hi Guys,?First post here, I am interested in knowing if any of you guys has experience flying model planes or quadcopters outdoors in Hessen (or Germany)I am trying to figure out if some sort of perm
1 posts, 10:41 11.May.2015
Dermatologist in Bad soden area
Hi AllI am looking for a good dermatologist in the bad soden / hochst and surrounding area's. Dr Dieter Weismann has been recommended here but it is a long stressful drive in heavy?traffic.?Anyone an
40 posts, 09:17 08.May.2015
Andrew Gradon the Frankfurt Airport conman
He's been sentenced to 10 months in jail after being arrested at Munich Airport. After he has served his sentence he will be deported to the UK and banned from entering Germany for three years (as an
92 posts, 23:38 07.May.2015
Darmstadt meetup weekly
hi 'Angryhawk'! This is probably the second time Ive checked this in more than a month and there's a response so I guess you've made it alive! Send me a private email to talk about a meetup. Sounds g
17 posts, 17:06 07.May.2015
Best retail and high street banks in Frankfurt
HIGH CD RATES from German Banks. This has NOT been discussed in several years. Given the present exchange rate, it is not the best time to convert Euros to Dollars. I have about 10K Euros sitting aro
4 posts, 21:32 05.May.2015
Sports in English in Darmstadt
@ Nick - why on earth dig up a thread started nearly three years ago, just to make a daft comment? Anyway, since Eky has also logged on today, I wonder if s/he would care to let us know if s/he actu
2 posts, 16:19 05.May.2015
Writing/Producing Short Films
Hi, I am on the lookout to form my own team or be part of a team who make Short-films or Movies when I stumbled upon this post. Please let me know if you already have a team and If I can join.in. I
10 posts, 11:30 05.May.2015
Reviews on Metropolitan School Frankfurt
what a shame. come and see the school for yourself. as a current parent, i am more than happy with msf. the principal that frankfurt-frankfurt refers to is kind, professional and loved . IMO, nothin
32 posts, 02:48 05.May.2015
Playing football in Frankfurt
I play football (soccer) recreationally with some friends every Tuesday from 18h00 at Ostpark. We organise ourselves via whatsapp. If you are interested just show up (in the direction of the grilling
20 posts, 19:52 04.May.2015
Konstablerwache to Eschborn Sud Monthly Rail pass
mrquaqua The Frankfurt Rhein-Main region is a lot closer to Stuttgart than it is to Munsterland. If you wanted people with local knowledge to respond you should have posted your questions in the '
1 posts, 12:03 03.May.2015
Toyota Car Maintenance In or near Frankfurt
Greetings. My family and I have recently arrived in Frankfurt and we are new to this forum. We brought our American model 2010 Toyota 4Runner with us. We are soon in need for an oil and brake change
3 posts, 09:00 03.May.2015
The Whisky Fair - Limburg a.d. Lahn
All over for another year. I'm back home again after another most enjoyable Limburg weekend and the date for next year is already announced; 23-24 April 2016. It's still a bit early but I suspect I'
1 posts, 20:04 02.May.2015
Any fitness fanatics/bodybuilders in FFM?
Hi all, I'm taking up bodybuilding this year, cannot currently lift due to wrist injury, so going to take it easy and spend few months training my legs. I'm wondering if there are other like mind
610 posts, 10:13 01.May.2015
Frankfurt Book Club:group currently closed
With apologies to those who left a little earlier last night, the discussion continued and the book selection changed! In May we will be discussing The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing. The meetin
1 posts, 16:15 30.Apr.2015
Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight
Hey Toytowners I moved to Frankfurt at the beginning of this year but this is my first time posting on TT. I would love to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight with any other boxing fans out there.
1 posts, 17:02 29.Apr.2015
The Laugh Room
The Laugh Room, a stand up comedy show in English. The show works like this - we pack the room full of people, take a group of funny, experienced English comedians hostage and let each of them make
23 posts, 16:33 27.Apr.2015
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Unlucky moviegoers in Smalltown, Germany. Deutsche Welle: German Cinemas Boycott 'Avengers' The Hollywood Reporter: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Hundreds of German Theaters Boycotting Marvel Film
17 posts, 10:35 27.Apr.2015
State funded international or bilingual schools
The important question is why do you want to send them to an international school. If you want this in order to avoid Germany language or because your kids do not speak German and you think they wi
9 posts, 14:02 26.Apr.2015
Letter about U8 advice needed
Its a whole series starting within the first few minutes after birth & proceeding at increasing intervals. And every decade or so they add new ones... I think J1 was only added because around
71 posts, 19:31 24.Apr.2015
Playing tennis in Frankfurt
I would definitely be interested. It's been a while but I can hit a decent shot after warming up. My problem is that I don't have a racket on me so if we can rent or if you have an extra one, we can
1 posts, 11:23 23.Apr.2015
Scuba Diving in Germany
Hi, I've just moved here to Frankfurt, and I'm looking for any information regarding dive sites near Frankfurt. If your a scuba diver in the area, please get in touch, let me know where you go diving

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