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English-speaking playgroup in Darmstadt
72 posts, 24.Oct.2014
New in Frankfurt (or new to this forum)
25 posts, 24.Oct.2014
Climbing partners in the Frankfurt/Darmstadt area
6 posts, 24.Oct.2014
Kids playdates in Frankfurt Nordend
4 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Tandem - Italian for your English in Frankfurt
10 posts, 23.Oct.2014
Older educated Brit in Rödermark needs work
6 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Tandem - English for your German in Frankfurt
35 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Tamil people living in central Frankfurt
6 posts, 22.Oct.2014
Another Looking For Friends Post - At Wiesbaden
13 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Suburbs of Frankfurt - Moving from US to Frankfurt.
66 posts, 19.Oct.2014
English-speaking gynecologists in Frankfurt
9 posts, 18.Oct.2014
American flag football - Looking for players
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Where to buy large bags of shelled pistachios
Posted image Hello All! Would anyone have any advice on where I could buy large bags of shelled Pistachio nuts? I mean the unsalted ones that are used for baking. 2kg bags would be ideal and so I think a good idea would be bulk-purchase stores (something like the swiss "Pistor" chain) - although a google search did not…
79 posts, 18.Oct.2014
English-speaking people in Bad Homburg
9 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Little Giants - Bilingual Kita
15 posts, 16.Oct.2014
Craft shops in Frankfurt
9 posts, 15.Oct.2014
Thieves at U-bahn stations
Hi! Last Sunday 24 August 2014 2 dark haired men, southern European look, clean shaven, about 1.60-70 metres attempted to steal my wallet from inside my back pack. This was at Willy Brand platz, about 10 am. I turned around just in time, and they pretended innocence by raising their hands. Nothing was taken and I let…
5 posts, 14.Oct.2014
Indoor basketball courts in FFM
16 posts, 13.Oct.2014
Equivalent to vicks vapor rub in Germany
21 posts, 13.Oct.2014
Orthopaedic doctors in Frankfurt
105 posts, 11.Oct.2014
Coffee meet-ups for expat ladies - At our homes
4 posts, 10.Oct.2014
Frankfurt International Cycling Group FICycle
5 posts, 10.Oct.2014
Where to play basketball in Frankfurt
25 posts, 09.Oct.2014
Playing Badminton in Frankfurt - Sports in Frankfurt
17 posts, 08.Oct.2014
Daycare in Frankfurt for 6 month old
If the company is not willing to negotiate, you can either take the job and leave your child behind or turn down the job. Germany is infamous for not being able to accommodate working mothers and if you're going to be working at such an inflexible company you won't be able to manage both the job and your child.…
26 posts, 08.Oct.2014
Playing football in Frankfurt - Looking for players
13 posts, 08.Oct.2014
Frankfurt in the top 10 cities of the world
56 posts, 05.Oct.2014
La Leche League breastfeeding support meeting
30 posts, 03.Oct.2014
Private language tutors in Frankfurt
5 posts, 02.Oct.2014
New in town as well - Looking to make new friends
16 posts, 02.Oct.2014
Indian Grocery Store in/near Frankfurt
9 posts, 01.Oct.2014
Cycling to work - Undertaking a project
I thought you meant it to be an imperative, ordering someone to take a bike, and I'd have put that as "nehmtdasrad" or "nimmdasrad" or "nehmenSiedasrad&qu... but, ermmm, ask your boss. But is your project going to be in English or in German? I just use the bike route planning on Google…
19 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Rhine- Main slowpitch softball league
91 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Monday walks by the Main- mommies/babies/bumps
7 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Skim (fat-free) milk in Frankfurt? Where to buy
6 posts, 26.Sep.2014
German/Englisch speaking playgroups
4 posts, 26.Sep.2014
Playgroups Europaviertel Frankfurt
123 posts, 26.Sep.2014
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
This is UNTRUE. Yes, you can do great in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch, but to say that it makes no difference whatsoever? Come on. You must be highly qualified. Otherwise, you'd know how much harder it is to find work as a non-Dutch speaker. Even to volunteer, they sometimes weed you out. I'd say the…
9 posts, 25.Sep.2014
Indian restaurants in and around Darmstadt
8 posts, 24.Sep.2014
Career advice please, looking for work
- Definitely get a German to look over your CV and application documents - for example the Germans expect you to include a photo with your application, something never done in Australia or New Zealand. - Consider getting specific skills from a university here, considering that the cost of uni is so low in Germany, by NZ…
6 posts, 23.Sep.2014
English Theatre Play: "Strangers on a train"
31 posts, 23.Sep.2014
Frankfurt writers group, weekly meet ups
7 posts, 23.Sep.2014
English writing group - At To be decided
34 posts, 23.Sep.2014
Lesbians in Frankfurt - Meet up with other lesbians
68 posts, 23.Sep.2014
SATOURDAY 2014 - free museum entrance in Frankfurt
31 posts, 23.Sep.2014
Stay at home mums and wives
7 posts, 22.Sep.2014
Bus to Frankfurt Hahn Airport
15 posts, 22.Sep.2014
Relocating young family - Schools and settling in
113 posts, 20.Sep.2014
Giving birth in Frankfurt, various advice
Lucasmama, Umm, I'm pretty sure that I didn't post anything about learning how to 'breathe' during labor in the 'birthing class'. It's called a birthing class, but it was really a place where a group of couples got together and with an informed leader (midwife), could ask questions in a safe…
68 posts, 19.Sep.2014
Playing tennis in Frankfurt
4 posts, 17.Sep.2014
Currency Exchange in Frankfurt
13 posts, 16.Sep.2014
Any Toytowners in Bad Nauheim?
6 posts, 15.Sep.2014
Shipping and removals from Frankfurt to the UK
7 posts, 15.Sep.2014
Flower delivery on a Sunday - In Frankfurt-am-Main
13 posts, 12.Sep.2014
American Citizens Information Night, Frankfurt
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