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Group Mountain bike rides in the Taunus
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Entrepreneurs meetup in Frankfurt
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Camping around Frankfurt
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Looking for dating website that isn't a con.
Let me explain you that "hostility". All of the sites you have mentioned are offering PAID service with FREE options to take a look at how they operate. They will not provide you with full functionality, simply because it is very easy to create a new profile every time with new email, and then why would you…
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Foreign car parking in Frankfurt
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German language courses in Frankfurt
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What you like and don't like about Frankfurt
I am an unabashed, passionate fan of Frankfurt. There is so much here that I really, really like. The very diverse international population, the liberal attitudes, the friendliness of Frankfurters, all of the festivals, the city lights especially walking along the river, the sunsets, the many parks and green spaces, the…
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Best burger restaurants in Frankfurt
I went to Frankfurt yesterday just to go to Burger Baby after reading the reviews on this thread. I ordered a 220 gm burger with bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, and chipotle sauce with french fries and colesaw on the side. The burger with it toasted bun was excellent and definitely the best burger I've had in 15 years…
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Pregnancy in Frankfurt - Moms-to-be meetup or chat
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New in Frankfurt (or new to this forum)
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Looking for friends in Wiesbaden! At Wiesbaden
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Yoga classes in English in Frankfurt!
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Coffee meet-ups for expat ladies - At our homes
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The Masters 2014 (Golf)
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Playing football in Frankfurt - Looking for players
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Classic or custom car shows/gatherings
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Tamil people living in central Frankfurt
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Elementary School in Taunus - What about Phorms?
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English Movie Sneak Preview - Every Monday @ 21:00
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Where can I borrow pets
Not to get on my soapbox here, but the idea of pets as objects that can be borrowed rather misses the point, as well as ignoring animal-human-relations: dogs in particular form very close bonds with people. If you have a friend with a dog and get to know that dog well, of course you can take that dog for a walk, but it…
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Where to buy wheat gluten (powder) in Frankfurt
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Ladies hairdressers in Frankfurt
Noreply, thank you for joining Toytown Germany, a forum that answers a plethora of questions any ex-pat might have. Do not hesitate to make yourself familiar with the various features of the forum, take time to browse it and to get a feeling for its general character and appearance, enjoy your stay in Germany. Most of…
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Quiet place with wifi for coding - Frankfurt area
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English-speaking dentists in Wiesbaden
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Anyone fancy meeting up for Poker Night?
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Medical Labaratory in Wiesbaden ( Blood tests)
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Friedrichsdorf English speakers - New to area
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Frankfurt Curry Night
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La Leche League breastfeeding support meeting
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Frankfurt English speaking school late enrollment
Hello worlder, there's an English-speaking state school south of Darmstadt, the State International School Seeheim-Jugenheim. School fees are €300 pcm, even though they are a state school they charge fees as they have to cover additional costs such as relocation packages, training etc. My eldest daughter is 14 and…
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English speaking Mums in Langen
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Official translation services in Frankfurt
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Renewal of an Indian passport in Frankfurt
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Car registration in Frankfurt
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Mexican food in Frankfurt - New taquería
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Adopting Kittens or Cats
Posted image I agree that some cats are loners. One of my three cats is, for example. She'd be happier with no other cats around. She isn't bothered having my dog around, but other cats (even the cats that share her home) are to her mind intruders. But due to the fact that they have access via catflap to my outside large patio…
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Frankfurt Luminale 2014
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Going out (salsa, theatre, film festivals etc)
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American-style birthday cakes in Frankfurt
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Doctors that accept EHIC - Need to visit a doctor
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English writing group - At To be decided
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Netball Team for fun - In Frankfurt area
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Looking for CrossFit in Frankfurt
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I can't be the only lesbian in Frankfurt, surely?
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Playgroups or network for parents
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Strike on 25-26 March, 2014
Posted image According to this poster, posted at transit stops across Frankfurt today, they are not quite sure what the bus situation is going to be like the next two days. "Der Ausfall der meisten Buslinien ist möglich und kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden." (We cannot rule out a possible cancellation of most bus lines.…
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German or English speaking midwife in Frankfurt
4 posts, 25.Mar.2014
Visiting the UK while on a German work permit
60 posts, 25.Mar.2014
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
This is UNTRUE. Yes, you can do great in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch, but to say that it makes no difference whatsoever? Come on. You must be highly qualified. Otherwise, you'd know how much harder it is to find work as a non-Dutch speaker. Even to volunteer, they sometimes weed you out. I'd say the…
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Family-friendly places to live in/around Frankfurt
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Removals companies for moving from UK to Frankfurt
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Transport Strike in Frankfurt - How long?
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Interested in climbing and mountaineering
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English-speaking speech therapists in Frankfurt
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English-speaking gynecologists in Frankfurt
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Little India - I've been to Little India several times. It has good food, good prices and…
Saravana Bhavan - I was pleased to find out that a South Indian vegetarian restaurant had…
Binh Minh - Visited last week, my girlfriend, myself and another couple. Really nice…
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