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Where to file a complaint for ripoff by locksmith
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Thursday night drinks, 8pm, Berlin November 20th
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Speaking Russian - an advantage for finding a job?
I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with the others. Berlin is full of speakers of Russian, native and otherwise, and the market Russian language services is tiny and extremely competitive. Many of my fellow students when I studied Russian here were Russian, with good degrees from the Lomonosov, excellent German…
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Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants for…
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Lichtenberg Herzberge is it safe?
6 posts, 14:24 yesterday
Finding a small house to rent on the "outskirts"
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Berlin is the sex mecca of Europe
Reminds me of the guy hitch-hiking on the Autobahn. A truck stops - and the driver asks the hitch-hiker where he's going. "Oh, I'm heading towards Berlin." "Ah, well, I can take you as far as Ludwigslust." So, the hitchhiker gets in and away they go. "Why are you going to Berlin?"…
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English-speaking lawyers in Berlin
933 posts, 19.Nov.2014
The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
7 posts, 19.Nov.2014
Hurling Practice & Lessons
8 posts, 19.Nov.2014
Selling at Berlin / Markets / Stalls
39 posts, 19.Nov.2014
Cheapo Gyms (McFit, Superfit)
120 posts, 18.Nov.2014
New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
7 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Buying birdseed for garden birds
33 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Experiences finding a flatshare (WG) in Berlin
Whether it's the exact same situation or slightly different, I don't think it's enough to warrant a separate thread on the subject of flatshares, so I've merged your thread with the existing one. Personally, I don't think you're missing any huge senior-citizens-with-no-... demographic, because…
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Quiz Night with 8 Rounds!
5 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Renewing BVG annual card (Jahreskarte)
5 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Is a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung necessary?
926 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Finding ANY jobs in Berlin
Jesus! I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading the post of someone who hasn't trawled through thousnds of other posts written by opinionated, grumpy farts whose drab existences are made briefly more interesting by the possibility of attacking someone on an internet forum. To the OP: Berlin is no longer cool, there…
15 posts, 17.Nov.2014
Seeking doctor who can prescribe antidepressants
And/or he or she just dishes up a cold cup of reality that is hard to swallow. englechen's posts are amongst the most informative I've found on this site and are usually spot on. How many people who actually move to Berlin end up making it? I'd argue roughly a third, at best. Nothing wrong about bursting unrealistic…
7 posts, 16.Nov.2014
Trouble installing Kaspersky
111 posts, 16.Nov.2014
Paying a U/S-Bahn fine after relocating home
I can understand if people just don't pay the fine and forget about it. What I can't understand is when they spend so long deliberating over whether to pay that they end up signing up to a forum to get advice about it. If you have to ask it's obviously playing on your conscience, so the logical solution is…
5 posts, 16.Nov.2014
Renting an apartment while unemployed
52 posts, 15.Nov.2014
Noisy neighbours in residential building
How frustrating. Having your peace interrupted by new neighbors is always a bummer. May I make a bitchy, but likely to be quite effective, suggestion? If you feel you must call the police--which I agree is a bit extreme, but if you've tried being rational and gotten no results, I don't know what else they can expect--then…
8 posts, 15.Nov.2014
Cash machine hours of operation
82 posts, 15.Nov.2014
Berlin to ban 'repurposing' of living space
VAT, SCHMAT. In Germany there still exists the concept of "quality of life" (and even quality of residing), and living in a neighborhood or on a street where half of the people don't call the place home can and often does reduce your overall quality of life/residing (perhaps especially for families with children,…
57 posts, 14.Nov.2014
Tips on where to get a haircut in Berlin
19 posts, 14.Nov.2014
Notaries public in Berlin
45 posts, 14.Nov.2014
Berlin ranks 6th among top cities in the world
533 posts, 13.Nov.2014
Scrabble meetup
5 posts, 13.Nov.2014
Acoustic guitar teacher - Any recommendations
180 posts, 12.Nov.2014
Berlin Alternative Book Group
305 posts, 11.Nov.2014
Language schools and courses in Berlin
5 posts, 11.Nov.2014
Russian language course taught in English
135 posts, 11.Nov.2014
Ladies hairdresser recommendations
12 posts, 10.Nov.2014
Where to buy quality mattress/bed set in Berlin
30 posts, 10.Nov.2014
Cheap dentists in Berlin
239 posts, 10.Nov.2014
Recommended dentists in Berlin
13 posts, 08.Nov.2014
Seeking wall rock climbing partner in Berlin
8 posts, 07.Nov.2014
Cloth Diapers - the ins and outs
5 posts, 07.Nov.2014
Getting the right size visa photo for India
124 posts, 06.Nov.2014
Penalties if checkers catch you one or more times
Sure, but it is nice to remember big moments in Darkknight's TT history like that one, when he insisted platform tickets existed in Berlin which of course they do not exist and when he could not prove it with his Google Knowledge (TM) he said he called BVG and they told him they exist and you need them. It was great,…
7 posts, 05.Nov.2014
BVG giving money back for lack of train service?
4 posts, 05.Nov.2014
Looking for neurologist
265 posts, 04.Nov.2014
I just can't seem to find...
Posted image Here ya go, giullietta I found a "bucket shop" (Eimerzentrale) for you by searching the food industry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers directories. Go to the URL shown on the pictures and you'll find that it's a wholesaler with prices quoted netto - ie + 19% MwSt!! There are links on…
56 posts, 04.Nov.2014
Film and television industry jobs in Berlin
10 posts, 04.Nov.2014
English-speaking opthamologist in Berlin
80 posts, 03.Nov.2014
Advice on kindergarten, primary schools in Berlin
As a note, unless you or your spouse is American, you can't go JFK: by Senate rule it is only for Americans and Germans, no other anglophones. We put our kids in a German school and are very happy with it- we were accepted at another bilingual English school and looked at JFK but we actually thought it was very important…
14 posts, 02.Nov.2014
Isn't Everything Poetry? - poetry, spoken word...
55 posts, 31.Oct.2014
Jobs teaching English in Berlin (TEFL)
8 posts, 30.Oct.2014
Santander bank in Berlin and Germany in general
180 posts, 29.Oct.2014
The Long-haul Berliners Get-together
Hello Berlin Toytowners, Has anyone ever thought of having a regular group for folks planning to stay in Berlin indefinitely? Reasons: 1. Most of the english-speakers I meet at Toytown events seem to be in Berlin either for just a few months, a year, etc., and it's somewhat annoying for people staying for the "long…
24 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Short-term babysitters in Western area of Berlin
4 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Mail sent to old address - Name not there anymore
5 posts, 27.Oct.2014
Any English speaking playgroups in Eastern Berlin?
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