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Penalties if checkers catch you one or more times
Sure, but it is nice to remember big moments in Darkknight's TT history like that one, when he insisted platform tickets existed in Berlin which of course they do not exist and when he could not prove it with his Google Knowledge (TM) he said he called BVG and they told him they exist and you need them. It was great,…
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Opening a bar/restaurant with liquor license
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Movie lovers group
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Kindergarten and other childcare places available
135 posts, 02.Mar.2015
Looking for tennis partner in Berlin
948 posts, 02.Mar.2015
The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
16 posts, 01.Mar.2015
Snowboarding/Skiiing weekend trip from Berlin?
87 posts, 01.Mar.2015
New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
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Language schools and courses in Berlin
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Berlin Coffee Club
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Berlin is the sex mecca of Europe
Reminds me of the guy hitch-hiking on the Autobahn. A truck stops - and the driver asks the hitch-hiker where he's going. "Oh, I'm heading towards Berlin." "Ah, well, I can take you as far as Ludwigslust." So, the hitchhiker gets in and away they go. "Why are you going to Berlin?"…
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Berlin Alternative Book Group
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Arts groups and places to meet other creatives
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Anyone up for playing squash?
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Casual Dating in Berlin - Do you have any tips?
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Scrabble meetup
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Best construction years to rent an apartment
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Table Tennis / Ping Pong
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Unlimited work contracts - How hard are they to get?
They can't keep rolling over 12 month contracts. It's illegal. Being permanent doesn't really give you all that much extra security however. Companies that hate you can always make up a reason to fire you and companies that are "restructuring"... don't need any more reason than that. Being permanent…
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Best places for brunch
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Recommended veterinarians in Berlin
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Recommended plumbers in Berlin
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How to buy train tickets from Frankfurt to Berlin
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English-speaking doctors in Berlin
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Poster, postcard, and flyer printing shops
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The Monthly Museum Meetup
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English-language yoga and pilates in Berlin
Posted image Hello Everyone, I am an experienced Yoga teacher offering beautiful classes through English in Kreuzberg. I also teach privately and am flexible to teaching also in Prenzlauerberg & Friedrichshain. As an ex-pat myself, I completely understand your desire to connect with like minded people and find a yoga class to…
4 posts, 20.Feb.2015
Gym buddy for American Fitness at Hermannplatz
30 posts, 20.Feb.2015
Do German guys fall in love with American girls?
I hate to stereotype but if i must: GENERALLY... German guys like girls who they can have a decent conversation with, aren't dopey, present themselves well, don't freak out easily about every little thing, aren't overly shallow or complicated and are fun to be around. I will let you decide for yourself if…
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Edible Flowers in Berlin - Where to find them
Calibear - thanks a bunch that's really helpful Jenni H - i'm not even going to grace your comment with any defence, not everyone's mind resides in the the gutter. Perhaps next time take some time out to refer to the standard meaning of a word before jumping to insulting conclusions.…
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Pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Berlin - Does it exist?
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English-speaking orthopedic specialists in Berlin
1596 posts, 19.Feb.2015
Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants…
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Choirs and singing groups in Berlin
Posted image Hi everyone, Just to let you know that Pop Choir starts again next week on Tuesday August 31 at Monster Ronson’s and Thursday September 2 at Friendly Society. We will continue working on our songs for the performance on September 28. You can see the schedule here. It will be great to see you again…
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English speaking Toddler / Dad / Mom meetup
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Guinness, Books & Records
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Appointments at Ausländeramt bookable via Internet
Starting January 31, 2011, appointments at LABO - Berlin's foreigners' office - to extend visas can be made over the Internet by citizens of the following nations: Australia Canada Israel Japan New Zealand South Korea United States as well as students and visiting scientists from…
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Restaurant and Bar Supplies
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Where to return Adelholzener plastic bottles..?
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BVG giving money back for lack of train service?
15 posts, 16.Feb.2015
Berlin Children's Choir
23 posts, 16.Feb.2015
How/where to watch televised cricket in Berlin
21 posts, 15.Feb.2015
L-night Berlin (for Queer women)
52 posts, 14.Feb.2015
Berlin ranks 6th among top cities in the world
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Cost of living in Berlin
It really depends on the size of the apartment you are looking for (in terms of square metres). Also, a two room apartment here is literally a two room apartment (plus kitchen and bathroom). If you want a two bedroom apartment with a living room as well then you are looking at a three room apartment. Anyhow,…
13 posts, 12.Feb.2015
TiB Rangers - baseball team in Berlin
8 posts, 11.Feb.2015
Holmes Place - Gym
266 posts, 10.Feb.2015
International schools in Berlin
Actually I posted because there have been a number of requests recently that could be answered through looking here but also at the websites of the schools as I said above. Some of the recent requests appear to want to have an individual general answer served to them about the various schools when…
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Charity furniture donations
62 posts, 10.Feb.2015
Pediatricians in Berlin (various districts)
10 posts, 10.Feb.2015
Badminton weekly meetup
10 posts, 10.Feb.2015
Monthly student BVG pass for foreign students
41 posts, 10.Feb.2015
How to buy BVG tickets - general topic
13 posts, 09.Feb.2015
Need to find schools for children
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Tips on renting an apartment in Berlin
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Dolores - I've been unimpressed lately. Their burritos are good but get old quicky.…
Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant - Such a lovely place - will be making a return visit soon.…
Hamburger Mary's - Pretty good food, very true to the other restaurants of the same…
Raamson Restaurant - I've been to this place a few times now and it is fantastic! They serve…
The Lir - If you're lookin' to go out on the piss...forget The Lir..but if you are…
Irish Pub in the Europa-Center - i was in this pub many times over the years and i found the staff very…
Molly Malones - Sessions are once a month now (always looking for more trad players),…
Maria Bonita - Being from Southern California I have had some great Mexican food. This is…
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Spirit Berlin, Bagua - Mikkyō
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Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area
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Scrabble meetup
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Thursday night drinks in Berlin
Venue varies week to week
Tuesday 17.Mar.2015
Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area
Every Tuesday from 8pm @ Travolta WienerStr. 14b
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