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Finding ANY jobs in Berlin
Jesus! I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading the post of someone who hasn't trawled through thousnds of other posts written by opinionated, grumpy farts whose drab existences are made briefly more interesting by the possibility of attacking someone on an internet forum. To the OP: Berlin is no longer cool, there…
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New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
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Love or Leave Berlin Dilemma
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Recommended veterinarians in Berlin
10 posts, 13:53 yesterday
Babysitters available in Berlin
18 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Which Burgeramt in Berlin for registration?
19 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Thursday night drinks, 8 pm, Berlin,26th March
17 posts, 26.Mar.2015
English-speaking urologists in Berlin
28 posts, 26.Mar.2015
Looking to meet up with English speaking lesbians
16 posts, 25.Mar.2015
Independent insurance agents in Berlin
15 posts, 25.Mar.2015
Kindergarten and other childcare places available
958 posts, 25.Mar.2015
The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
548 posts, 24.Mar.2015
Scrabble meetup
5 posts, 24.Mar.2015
Clothing shop that sells this t-shirt in Berlin?
11 posts, 24.Mar.2015
Edible Flowers in Berlin - Where to find them
Calibear - thanks a bunch that's really helpful Jenni H - i'm not even going to grace your comment with any defence, not everyone's mind resides in the the gutter. Perhaps next time take some time out to refer to the standard meaning of a word before jumping to insulting conclusions.…
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Looking for tennis partner in Berlin
4 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Ryanair to open base at Schönefeld
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English-language yoga and pilates in Berlin
Posted image Hello Everyone, I am an experienced Yoga teacher offering beautiful classes through English in Kreuzberg. I also teach privately and am flexible to teaching also in Prenzlauerberg & Friedrichshain. As an ex-pat myself, I completely understand your desire to connect with like minded people and…
10 posts, 23.Mar.2015
Experiences with BSI Sprachschule
20 posts, 22.Mar.2015
Notaries public in Berlin
12 posts, 22.Mar.2015
Applying for international school from abroad
57 posts, 22.Mar.2015
Appointments at Ausländeramt bookable via Internet
Starting January 31, 2011, appointments at LABO - Berlin's foreigners' office - to extend visas can be made over the Internet by citizens of the following nations: Australia Canada Israel Japan New Zealand South Korea United States as well as students and visiting scientists from…
44 posts, 21.Mar.2015
7-a-side football/soccer in Friedrichshain
4 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Looking to play football but don't have a team?
34 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Women's clinics and doctors for birth control
8 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Schooling - Entry into bilingual schools mid year
You're the one who repeatedly asked the same question on different threads, yet don't seem to want to hear the answer (nor read the previous posts). You're also the one who stated a budget of 5000€ for school fees, I didn't assume anything. Furthermore, since some schools charge…
4 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Meet new people - In Berlin
15 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Need to find schools for children
12 posts, 21.Mar.2015
Special needs children and which school is best
Tbh if your son is well catered for in your current country, I wouldn't move here. Provision is in short supply and patchy at best. Of the international schools, the only ones I have heard positive stories about re special needs are Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS) or Berlin British…
7 posts, 20.Mar.2015
Football team looking for players
267 posts, 20.Mar.2015
International schools in Berlin
Actually I posted because there have been a number of requests recently that could be answered through looking here but also at the websites of the schools as I said above. Some of the recent requests appear to want to have an individual general answer served to them about the various schools when…
32 posts, 20.Mar.2015
Penneys (Primark) to open first Berlin store
We went there yesterday evening and it was bloody full and they were scolding everyone who was trying clothes out of the changing rooms (everyone does it when possible in other Primarks in Germany). I saw how an employee scolded really bad a customer for doing it and I hesitated to do it when I wanted…
11 posts, 19.Mar.2015
Watching Six Nations Rugby in Berlin
35 posts, 19.Mar.2015
German beer - Where does a connoisseur go?
4 posts, 18.Mar.2015
Summer activities in Berlin
9 posts, 17.Mar.2015
Berlin Car Share? Zip car or car share in Berlin?
324 posts, 17.Mar.2015
Language schools and courses in Berlin
8 posts, 16.Mar.2015
Fined for expired ticket on tram - implications?
4 posts, 16.Mar.2015
Big Band Looking For Brass Players
Posted image Big Band Foo Birds is actively seeking to fill up it's brass section. If you need to be a part of a fantastic big band where both English and German are spoken, that meets regularly on Wednesday evenings and plays the occasional concert we are interested in Trombone and Trumpet players. Reading…
22 posts, 15.Mar.2015
Movie lovers group
41 posts, 15.Mar.2015
Availability of organic milk and meat
I doubt that's realistic, Erdmann, because albeit BIO or Eco conscious food shoppers may well be skeptical about claims from bigChem and bigPharma they are IME primarily concerned about their own and the producer's (or produced in the case of meat) health and welfare. So although there's…
10 posts, 14.Mar.2015
Pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Berlin - Does it exist?
4 posts, 14.Mar.2015
Where do large packages get delivered?
50 posts, 14.Mar.2015
Locations of STD and HIV testing clinics
At least he is being responsible enough to get tested. But what is a bit worrying is the inherent assumption by people here that even if you use a condom all the time, you don't need to be tested. Even if you use a condom religiously but are not in a monogamous relationship with both partners…
10 posts, 14.Mar.2015
English-speaking orthopedic specialists in Berlin
11 posts, 13.Mar.2015
Casual Dating in Berlin - Do you have any tips?
1598 posts, 13.Mar.2015
Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants…
4 posts, 12.Mar.2015
Drivers license suspension - How does it works?
291 posts, 11.Mar.2015
I just can't seem to find...
Posted image Here ya go, giullietta I found a "bucket shop" (Eimerzentrale) for you by searching the food industry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers directories. Go to the URL shown on the pictures and you'll find that it's a wholesaler with prices quoted netto - ie + 19% MwSt!!…
10 posts, 11.Mar.2015
Holmes Place - Gym
51 posts, 08.Mar.2015
Anyone up for playing squash?
36 posts, 05.Mar.2015
Working Holiday Visa applications in Berlin
11 posts, 04.Mar.2015
Financial adviser recommendations in Berlin
133 posts, 03.Mar.2015
Penalties if checkers catch you one or more times
Sure, but it is nice to remember big moments in Darkknight's TT history like that one, when he insisted platform tickets existed in Berlin which of course they do not exist and when he could not prove it with his Google Knowledge (TM) he said he called BVG and they told him they exist and you…
8 posts, 03.Mar.2015
Opening a bar/restaurant with liquor license
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Good Friends - Born as raised as Cantonese in Singapore, we have very high expectation of…
Dolores - I've been unimpressed lately. Their burritos are good but get old quicky.…
Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant - Such a lovely place - will be making a return visit soon.…
Hamburger Mary's - Pretty good food, very true to the other restaurants of the same…
Raamson Restaurant - I've been to this place a few times now and it is fantastic! They serve…
The Lir - If you're lookin' to go out on the piss...forget The Lir..but if you are…
Irish Pub in the Europa-Center - i was in this pub many times over the years and i found the staff very…
Molly Malones - Sessions are once a month now (always looking for more trad players),…
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Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area
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