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Objects can evoke Berliner's memories
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New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
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Thursday night drinks Berlin 8pm Sept 25th
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Learning electronic music production
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Prenatal yoga courses
Posted image Hello new and expecting mothers. I offer private in-home yoga instruction. Regardless of your fitness level, yoga is a wonderful way to help your body adjust to all of the changes during pregnancy. It is also the perfect medium post-birth to help you transition into motherhood. Yoga can help you become centered, feel stonger…
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Berlin Kids Corner - Berlin Schöneberg
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The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
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Seeking English-speaking psychiatrist in Berlin
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Finding ANY jobs in Berlin
Jesus! I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading the post of someone who hasn't trawled through thousnds of other posts written by opinionated, grumpy farts whose drab existences are made briefly more interesting by the possibility of attacking someone on an internet forum. To the OP: Berlin is no longer cool, there…
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Scrabble meetup
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U-Bahn monthly ticket for student
35 posts, 21.Sep.2014
7-a-side football/soccer in Friedrichshain
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I just can't seem to find...
Posted image Here ya go, giullietta I found a "bucket shop" (Eimerzentrale) for you by searching the food industry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers directories. Go to the URL shown on the pictures and you'll find that it's a wholesaler with prices quoted netto - ie + 19% MwSt!! There are links on…
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Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants for…
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Stitch'n'Bitch group in Berlin
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Long-haul Berliners, Thurs. 25.9. meetup evening!
Hello Berlin Toytowners, Has anyone ever thought of having a regular group for folks planning to stay in Berlin indefinitely? Reasons: 1. Most of the english-speakers I meet at Toytown events seem to be in Berlin either for just a few months, a year, etc., and it's somewhat annoying for people staying for the "long…
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Towed away car in Friedrichstrasse
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English-language yoga and pilates in Berlin
Posted image Hello Everyone, I am an experienced Yoga teacher offering beautiful classes through English in Kreuzberg. I also teach privately and am flexible to teaching also in Prenzlauerberg & Friedrichshain. As an ex-pat myself, I completely understand your desire to connect with like minded people and find a yoga class to…
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Under 21's meetup in Berlin - At Anywhere
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Female basketball
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Walking alone at night in Berlin
I haven't tried it myself and don't know anybody who has, but maybe you could give Heimwegtelefon a try. I've read an article about them some time ago. The concept is simple: You call them up free of charge - except for your basic fees – tell them where you want to go and they talk to you while you're…
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Buying local foods and organics
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Cargo Shipping from USA to Germany
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11-year German girl wants English-speaking friends
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Mums, dads, bumps, & kids weekly meeting in Berlin
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Indoor playing field for Volleyball team
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Clogged toilet is not emergency for my hausmeister
Welcome to Toytown, Marama It sounds like you're going to have to get someone to turn off the building's supply at the water main overnight to prevent internal flooding from causing building damage and/or requiring the fire brigade to pump out the cellars in the morning. Berlin Wasserbetriebe probably don't…
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Recommended veterinarians in Berlin
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Extra electricity charge in a 1 month period
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Tough Mudder Team - Anyone Interested?
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Any musicians here?
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Ladies hairdresser recommendations
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Looking for cooking classes in English
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English Playgroup or Lessons for kid (6)
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Lesbian couple in Berlin want to have children
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Wrong address provided to hospital after emergency
Welcome to Toytown, Charlie3000, and good on ya, mate, for doing the right thing. If you didn't arrange to pay the bill then, if inquiries via the hotel fail to help them, it's possible the hospital may eventually seek assistance from the Australian Embassy in Berlin in tracing you. So, in order to save unnecessary…
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Recommended dentists in Berlin
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Anyone know of a good, trusting auto mechanic?
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Beer Pong in Berlin?
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Musicians/bands/DJs wanted (paid)
22 posts, 10.Sep.2014
Short-term babysitters in Western area of Berlin
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Looking for tennis partner in Berlin
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English-speaking doctors in Berlin
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Berlin public transport tickets are for one way
doesn't common sense apply? it's essentially a single ticket for one trip from A to B. 120 minutes is just the max time it should reasonably take for going from one end of the system to the other allowing for a currywurst break and the odd delayed train. it is not a 2-hour version of a day ticket.…
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I need US legal size paper - Just one or two pages
30 posts, 06.Sep.2014
Where to buy North American sized printer paper
Posted image Unsure if this is a little too late for your needs but if you have had no luck then you could contact a local printing press / printing company (Druckerei would be the German word) and have them cut paper for you to size. I have worked with a lot of printers and they buy their paper normally in large format…
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Motorcycling Berlin Brandenburg, regular ride days
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Sunday evening Football at Monbijoupark
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Berlin is the sex mecca of Europe
Reminds me of the guy hitch-hiking on the Autobahn. A truck stops - and the driver asks the hitch-hiker where he's going. "Oh, I'm heading towards Berlin." "Ah, well, I can take you as far as Ludwigslust." So, the hitchhiker gets in and away they go. "Why are you going…
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Anmeldung without a contract - In Berlin
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Where to watch Champions League on TV
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Locations of STD and HIV testing clinics
I went to the Praxis Ost clinic mentioned in Friedrichshain and they were very nice and inexpensive, no appointment needed from 9 to 1 PM, only a 30 minute wait. BTW someone has asked for medical advice; it baffles me that people would answer with snide or cruel remarks! We don't belittle sick people,…
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Getting a biology science job with only a BSc
12 posts, 31.Aug.2014
Barbecue / grill locations in Berlin
9 posts, 31.Aug.2014
Want to convert appliance voltage
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