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Thursday night drinks Berlin 8pm April 24th
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Long-haul Berliners, Thurs. 24.4. meetup evening!
Hello Berlin Toytowners, Has anyone ever thought of having a regular group for folks planning to stay in Berlin indefinitely? Reasons: 1. Most of the english-speakers I meet at Toytown events seem to be in Berlin either for just a few months, a year, etc., and it's somewhat annoying for people staying for the "long…
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Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants for…
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Drug dealing scene around Görlitzer bahnhof
Fully agree. Watch them and make sure they're not a threat to others, but trying to curb their usage is futile and a waste of (limited) police resources. Seems like the best way to deal with the situation. The area around FFM HBF and Kaiserstrasse is pretty bad though. I thought I had seen it all until one day I saw…
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Any Recommendable Companies who offer Internships?
As someone who as just doing this a few short weeks ago (I got an internship with a small media consultancy), I have a few pieces of advice and of course some links. 1. There are English-only jobs/internships in Berlin, but they are pretty competitive and tend to pay even less than those that require German-language skills.…
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Scrabble meetup
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Cost of living in Berlin
It really depends on the size of the apartment you are looking for (in terms of square metres). Also, a two room apartment here is literally a two room apartment (plus kitchen and bathroom). If you want a two bedroom apartment with a living room as well then you are looking at a three room apartment. Anyhow, I rent a 34…
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Living in Grunewald - experience and advice?
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Mums, dads, bumps, & kids weekly meeting in Berlin
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New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
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Campervan Rental Berlin - Where can I find one?
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Berlin public transport tickets are for one way
doesn't common sense apply? it's essentially a single ticket for one trip from A to B. 120 minutes is just the max time it should reasonably take for going from one end of the system to the other allowing for a currywurst break and the odd delayed train. it is not a 2-hour version of a day ticket.…
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Date change needed in document
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Finding ANY jobs in Berlin
Jesus! I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading the post of someone who hasn't trawled through thousnds of other posts written by opinionated, grumpy farts whose drab existences are made briefly more interesting by the possibility of attacking someone on an internet forum. To the OP: Berlin is no longer…
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Public transport tickets for tourists
No, you cannot, unless you want to be dense. An AB day ticket for EUR 6.70 is cheaper than nearly any other European capital - including Paris. It's also cheaper than a 4-pack of regular tickets, at EUR 8.40. If you take 3 full-fare trips that day, you have already gotten your money's worth. It's…
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Badminton in Berlin
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Deregistering in Berlin while living abroad
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Berlin Kids Corner - Berlin Schöneberg
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New to Berlin get together!
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The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
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Choirs and singing groups in Berlin
Posted image Hi everyone, Just to let you know that Pop Choir starts again next week on Tuesday August 31 at Monster Ronson’s and Thursday September 2 at Friendly Society. We will continue working on our songs for the performance on September 28. You can see the schedule here. It will be great to see you again or for…
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Finding plumber in Berlin over the Easter holidays
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Intensive German courses in Berlin
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Messenger job question - Can I do it too?
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Women's indoor volleyball in Berlin
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Setting up an instrument building course in Berlin
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IT and computer science job market in Berlin
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Berlin Book Club - Looking for new members
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Registration in Berlin - How do I do it?
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Meldebescheinigung appointment - no availability
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Looking for a cafe/bar in Prenzlberg
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Berlin Alternative Book Group
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Registering at the Bürgeramt without a contract
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Old furniture disposal service? BSR not possible
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Language schools and courses in Berlin
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Quiz Night @ Curious Fox Books
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Isn't Everything Poetry? - poetry, spoken word...
11 posts, 12.Apr.2014
Finding an english speaking electrician - Berlin
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Received unfair BVG fine - Best way to complain
One thing is for sure, you should never pay the fine on the spot if you have any intention of contesting it later. If you plan on contesting, though--as I was told by the controller who ticketed me--you are best advised to do it the very next time you have a chance. Don't wait a week, do it within 48 hours…
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Berlin to ban "repurposing" of living space
VAT, SCHMAT. In Germany there still exists the concept of "quality of life" (and even quality of residing), and living in a neighborhood or on a street where half of the people don't call the place home can and often does reduce your overall quality of life/residing (perhaps especially for families…
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Liverpool FC supporters in Berlin
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I just can't seem to find...
Posted image Here ya go, giullietta I found a "bucket shop" (Eimerzentrale) for you by searching the food industry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers directories. Go to the URL shown on the pictures and you'll find that it's a wholesaler with prices quoted netto - ie + 19% MwSt!! There…
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Appointments at Ausländeramt bookable via Internet
Starting January 31, 2011, appointments at LABO - Berlin's foreigners' office - to extend visas can be made over the Internet by citizens of the following nations: Australia Canada Israel Japan New Zealand South Korea United States as well as students and visiting scientists from around the…
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How safe is Alexanderplatz area at night?
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Group tennis lessons for adults?
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How to get a tax ID number without registration
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Weekend and day trips out of Berlin
Posted image Spreewald is a good bet...there are many towns that are linked together on all these canals and water ways...you can rent canoes/kayaks relatively easily and inexpensively...great for picnics, day trips, big groups, etc. Teltow-Fläming...many hiking, biking, skating/blading trails with lots catering to such…
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Moving to Germany/Berlin with child with Epilepsy
Well, I had a school colleague with epilepsy and this was in a standard Bavarian public Gymnasium. And she had attacks during lessons, and it was no problem, the teachers had been briefed what to do. As long as your son has good enough school marks to get into and to stay in the Gymnasium, his place there…
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German/English Language Exchange
426 posts, 09.Apr.2014
Queer Beer Thursdays
Posted image We've put our disco shoes back in the closet after an incredible first party on Saturday night. If you missed it, no worries, the next event will be in May or June. In the meantime, we're going back to basics again this week. Beer, beer, beer, vodka and tonic, beer, vodka shot, vodka shot. Then Chantal's!…
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New English-speaking Football Team in Berlin
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Flights for pets from Berlin to England
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Finding a paid internship in the music industry
Thanks all for your input. Lots of food for thought! @sandipg, I don’t have the necessary qualifications to apply right now. It will take me 1-2 years to meet the requirements for most Musikhochschulen. Otherwise I would have already applied. @pog451, I’m definitely working my personal contacts (Vitamin…
37 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Wanted: People for urban exploring - In Berlin
123 posts, 07.Apr.2014
Looking for tennis partner in Berlin
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Thursday night drinks in Berlin
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Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area
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MAYDAY Dortmund 2014
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Thursday night drinks in Berlin
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