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What tax group - EU citizen and family living out
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Wages: salary expectations in Berlin
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Guinness, Books & Records
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Football team looking for players
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Language schools and courses in Berlin
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Ebay VAT rule - 19% present
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The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
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Moving to Berlin and my situation/question is unique
Posted image Naturalisation as a German citizen German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare. Applicants for…
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Thursday night drinks in Berlin, April 23rd
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Working at the Deutsche Bank risk center
Congratulations on your new job in Frankfurt MrMaths. This thread seems to continue to grow because a lot of new contributors to it, can't seem to be bothered reading it through (not a reference to MrMaths). If I were new to the Risk Center and considering an application, this thread would be a dream come true for almost…
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Advice on Subletting Apartment
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Crowdfunding ... anyone?
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Giving a lease to other people, Utilities
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Meet new people - In Berlin
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Didn't obtain ID number from burgeramt after regis
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My friend got caught shoplifting at Kaiser's
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11 years old child flying alone
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Berlin public transport system (BVG)
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Underground Europe - record fair and swap
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Cat hotels or cat sitting needed
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The Fresh Berliners Awesome Get-Together Group
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English-speaking urologists in Berlin
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New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
If you are new in Berlin, or live in Berlin and are new to this forum, feel free to post a message here to introduce yourself to the rest of the TT community. Note: Posting to say "send me a message" is not the way to meet people here. It's not how it works. This isn't a contacts board. Instead you need…
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What are the license plate laws for vespas
Posted image Hi,You should always register your vehicle at local Zulassungsbehörde even if you change your residence within Germany. As for now, you need to get German license plates there but you don't need to change them each time you move in Germany. Also, you need to get German insurance (required for re-registering). Nah.…
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US passport renewal in Berlin
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Pub quizzes in English - Info on when and where
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Pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Berlin - Does it exist?
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Creative, design, and new media recruitment
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Tax advisors and consultants in Berlin
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Best döner kebab in Berlin - According to Timmeh
Posted image As I was in the area I went to Bagdad at Schlesisches Tor for my lunchtime fix. I ordered a standard doener at 3 euro ohne scharf sauce. The Bread was hot and savoury tasting. The salad was fresh and plentiful. The meat was just the right side of succulent albeit a little more would have been nice. It was hot and quickly…
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Cloth Diapers - the ins and outs
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Mykita or icberlin eyeglasses frames in Berlin?
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Motorcycling Berlin Brandenburg, regular ride days
Posted image Sounds great! My wife and I are planning a riding trip to the Stuttgart area in May and I'm hoping to do a riding tour of the Black Forst in June with a mate from the UK, so maybe I can get some tips from you on cool places to visit This was Spinnerbrücke this evening, stopped there on the ride home from work…
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Anyone up for playing squash?
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Scrabble meetup
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English speaking playgroup Kreuzberg
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Street Vendor Permit Berlin - How do you get one?
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Large size shoes shops for woman
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Carting away bits of metal
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Where to get dreadlocks done in Berlin
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Book stores that buy second-hand English books
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Berlin ranks 6th among top cities in the world
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Looking for tennis partner in Berlin
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Looking for a unique place to spend my birthday
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Table tennis / ping pong buddies
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Love or Leave Berlin Dilemma
Okay, Love is strange, love comes unexpected. But I still would urge yout to give it a little more time before you make the big decision. Upto you, I'm no marriage counsellor. I am originally from Thailand, but finished a master degree in marketing from UK. And he is German. Considering the fact that you have no knowledge…
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I just can't seem to find...
Posted image Here ya go, giullietta I found a "bucket shop" (Eimerzentrale) for you by searching the food industry wholesale suppliers and manufacturers directories. Go to the URL shown on the pictures and you'll find that it's a wholesaler with prices quoted netto - ie + 19% MwSt!! There are links on…
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Berlin: We are looking for a trainer (man/woman)
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Bangladeshi/Indian grocery shop in Berlin
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Moving to Berlin as a young family
The comments made my the.frollein are completly an appropriate response to your query. The fact of the matter is if you or your spous are not an EU citizen, you will only quality for a 90 dasy tourist visa, unless you have secured a residence permit via an employer - that is a fact whether you are Brazilian or from any…
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Au Pairs in Berlin
Posted image This is a meet up for Au Pairs in Berlin to form long lasting friendships with other Au Pairs. Spend some serious girl time with other's in similar situations. Activities and dates may vary week to week, discussion and voting is encouraged to decide the next meet up. Some activities to expect - spa treatment's,…
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Movie lovers group
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Looking to meet up with English speaking lesbians
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Visiting Berlin this Easter weekend
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Basketball for everyone
Hello folks! I'm trying to organize a Berlin basketball group for people of all levels and ages. I used to organize a basketball group in Rome and in three years we got to have about 100 people join us. It was all levels (from complete beginners to some folks from NCAA), all ages (the youngest was 17 the oldest…
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Good Friends - Born as raised as Cantonese in Singapore, we have very high expectation of…
Dolores - I've been unimpressed lately. Their burritos are good but get old quicky.…
Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant - Such a lovely place - will be making a return visit soon.…
Hamburger Mary's - Pretty good food, very true to the other restaurants of the same…
Raamson Restaurant - I've been to this place a few times now and it is fantastic! They serve…
The Lir - If you're lookin' to go out on the piss...forget The Lir..but if you are…
Irish Pub in the Europa-Center - i was in this pub many times over the years and i found the staff very…
Molly Malones - Sessions are once a month now (always looking for more trad players),…
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Saturday 25.Apr.2015
E-Cèilidh traditional and energetic folk dance
7.30pm Sat. 25.Apr.2015 @ Statthaus Böcklerpark
Japanese tea ceremony
4pm Sat. 25.Apr.2015 @ macha-macha
Jumble Sale & Book Fair
10am Sat. 25.Apr.2015 @ Quentin Blake School
SAND Issue 11 Launch Party with The Reader Berlin
8.30pm Sat. 25.Apr.2015 @ 1820 Bar
Sunday 26.Apr.2015
Sunday Dancing: Learn and Dance the Swing
5.30pm Sun. 26.Apr.2015 @ Prenzlauer Berg
Tuesday 28.Apr.2015
Language exchange meet up in the Kreuzberg area
Every Tuesday from 8pm @ Travolta WienerStr. 14b
Berlin Alternative Book Group
7:30pm Tue. 28.Apr.2015 "Cutting for Stone"
IKEBANA-Japanese flower arrangement WORK SHOP
7.30pm Tue. 28.Apr.2015 @ Kreuzberg
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Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night
8pm Wed. 29.Apr.2015 @ Quatsch Comedy Club
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